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Liberty Counsel Action is sounding the alarm on the COVID-19 injections after Rutgers University announced last week all of its students must receive the vaccine. Princeton, Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Notre Dame, MIT, Cornell, NYU and more than 100 other colleges and universities are doing the same, according to Liberty Counsel Action.

COVID injections have only been given to people under 24 years of age for a short period of time, but there are already VAERS reports of 24 deaths, 10 heart attacks and 72 cases of blood clots for the age group, Liberty Counsel Action reported.

John Foley was studying medicine at the University of Cincinnati. The 21-year-old junior died one day after getting a Johnson & Johnson shot on April 10.

Liberty Counsel Action said that reported adverse reactions jumped from 192,954 to 227,805 in one week. Deaths increased from 4,057 to 4,201. Hospital visits climbed from 11,572 to 12,625. Office visits increased from 32,803 to 39,153. Urgent care visits went from 25,063 to 29,707. Severe allergic reactions leaped from 9,175 to 10,799. Heart attacks followed the same trend, going from 1,262 to 1,390. Blood clots also swelled from 939 to 1,065. Bell’s palsy went from 1,112 to 1,273. Miscarriages grew from 275 to 328.

Keep in mind, according to previous studies, it is estimated the numbers could be less than 1 percent of the actual instances.

For comparison’s sake, the swine flu vaccine was shut down after 53 deaths “when an unexpectedly high number of cases” reacted.

“However, now we have had 4,201 deaths in a few months, and some schools, corporations, airlines and states march forward to mandate these injections,” Liberty Counsel Action said. “No one should be forced to choose between work, school or serving our country and an experimental COVID shot that is not licensed by the Food and Drug Administration. Many of these students are in the last semester or two of school. They cannot easily transfer to other schools at this point. They face mounting student loan debt. Their education and careers could be doomed. We are being inundated with calls for help. Longtime employees are losing their jobs. This is insane.”

While Liberty Counsel Action chairman Mat Staver said he believes schools would face liability, he added “monetary damages mean nothing to a corpse.”

Tech CEO Naomi Wolf has warned about vaccine passports ending freedom. In Oregon she saw signs saying to show a vaccine card or else — like do not enter without a mask.

“They are already creating a two-tier society, and that is what they are trying to do,” she said. “Those people who don’t want to be vaccinated will be marginalized, treated like second-class citizens and we know from history where that goes. That’s exactly how the National Socialists divided their population into clean and unclean. It’s happening now…This is full-on fascism in the state of Oregon, and I’m witnessing it live.”

Author: Jacob Hall