Today, in Civil District Court, the candidate for Texas’ 6th Congressional District
Special Election on May 1, Sery Kim, has filed a $10 million defamation lawsuit against The Texas Tribune after an article written by Patrick Svitek on April 3, 2021 was published with actual malice identifying Sery Kim as a “racist.”

“This is the ugly side of politics,” says Sery Kim. “Today it is designed to tear down lives and reputations rather than help get to the heart of serious issues to serve the people’s interests and build them up.”

Sery Kim continued, “Today, I filed a $10 million lawsuit against the The Texas Tribune for defamation. Calling me a “racist” is how leftist media practices its brand of politically-correct discrimination against conservatives like myself. I am an Asian and an immigrant, and it is shocking the liberal media would identify me as anti-Asian and anti-immigrant. The truth is that China is the biggest threat to our nation. The Chinese Communist Party steals our intellectual property, perpetuates genecide, spies on Texans, and had a role in spreading coronavirus around the world.”

“The people of Texas’ 6th Congressional District deserve to know the truth.”

The full text of the lawsuit can be viewed here.


Author: Press Release