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The Iowa Standard reached out to all federal and state legislative candidates to find out where they stand on the idea of defunding police and abolishing both the police and prisons. This idea is supported by Des Moines Black Lives Matter.

Republican State Rep. Dean Fisher is being challenged by Democrat Christina Blackcloud in District 72.

Rep. Fisher’s response: “Do you support the idea of police and prison abolition?

Absolutely not.  There is a reason why every nation has a police force at every level of government, it’s a fundamental necessity of a civilized society.  We must maintain and fully support our law enforcement and our justice systems, including our prisons. Efforts to defund them are short sighted and self serving, we must not let that faction decide how our law enforcement and justice systems operate or crime will increase dramatically. Minneapolis is already suffering their poorly considered responses to the rioting and looting, increased crime.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall