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What can we do to fix the issue of violence/protests/riots/vandalism: “I was there too. And as the President was speaking it kept getting louder and louder off the grounds of the White House. You could hear the noise, the yelling, you could hear the air horns that they were blowing, you could hear the shouting and the music and you also heard the violence. It was literally surreal sitting there listening to the President speak and watching the flags and people enjoying themselves. It was literally like we were sitting there in America with what the other choice was right outside the gates. It was like choose today, right now, do you want this, or do you want that. And it was never so clear to me the difference between the two parties. Because the Democrat Party has enabled that to happen. Because they have not taken action, and not stepped in and stopped it and upheld the law it is literally just upholding the law. When someone breaks the law, there’s consequences in America, and they have ignored that. They talk about equality, they don’t treat anybody equal, they pick and choose their favorites and who they want to punish and who they don’t want to. What we can do consistently is to question people why they’re voting for who they’re voting for. Have that conversation. There’s nothing more powerful than standing in church on Sunday morning and say, ‘who are you voting for?’ You all have people that go to your church that you know maybe might not vote for the President or might not vote for freedom and liberty. You have people in your grocery store that you’re going to walk past in the aisle. Ask them, ask them the hard questions. We don’t like confrontation and we don’t have to be confrontational, but this is an election for choosing, for choosing the future that our next generation is going to grow up in. That’s what I think was so shocking to see. They started boarding up windows and putting up fences in Washington several days before that event knowing what was coming and it was not like any American city that I had seen before. And the problem is that we are seeing it in so many different cities around the country right now. And it is leadership. It is reflecting their leadership.