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See here is the deal. I’m not going to argue about masks anymore. I will state the facts the best I know from my personal experience and then be done with the discussion. There is no back and forth with people who have no clue what they are talking about. There is no point discussing because everyone is now an expert on everything. So here’s my rant.

I have been a state-licensed chemical applicator for nearly two decades. Part of the yearly training I receive is in PPE. I have been well versed in the subject of PPE over the years. There are many types of masks, respirators, and PPE that I use frequently. I have had formal and on the job training in drift, translocation, volatilization, particle droplet sizing, etc. Proper PPE needs to match the droplet or particle size of the contaminant being shielded from the wearer.

First, PPE manufacturers label their products for their effectiveness. This label prescribes the appropriate use for the product. In many instances, the manufacturer’s labels of effectiveness are required by the government. Every PPE product that I have ever used has clearly stated information or a warning label that states explicitly, “This PPE is not suitable to protect the wearer from bacteria, virus or infectious disease. Why, you ask? Because of droplet or particle size found in these items. Covid droplets are so small they pass through the pores of the PPE. Since they pass through the PPE, it is impossible for the masks to stop the disease’s spread.

Don’t believe me? Just ask 3M or any other professional manufacturing company that produces the PPE. They are the experts. They are the ones that test the products they sell for effectiveness. Doctors are NOT mask experts. Karen’s and Kyle’s are NOT mask experts. Facebook, Google, and News media are NOT mask experts. So why is no one asking mask companies if their products will stop Covid? Because they do NOT like the answer that they get. Why do you think that there is a push for homemade granny masks? Because they don’t have warning labels. Do you think most of the public would wear a mask if it said it would not protect against Covid?

It’s all a sham—a false sense of security. Just shut up and wear a mask because everyone said so. If you don’t wear a mask, then you are killing granny. As soon as the nut jobs come out with guilt trips and attacks, you know that they are defending an empty paper bag. The purpose of mask-wearing is to get the population out of their homes to develop herd immunity. If people hide at home, it will take longer for herd immunity to develop. Masking speeds up the process by getting more people out of their homes and exposed to the virus.

A simple observation of droplet size will show you that wearing a mask does not work. Take a spray bottle, for instance. If you adjust the spray tip to produce large particles, they will fall to the ground faster when sprayed. If you adjust the same sprayer to fine mist particles, it will take longer for the droplets to fall. When you sneeze or cough, there are mixed size droplet particles that leave your mouth. The large, visible particles fall almost immediately. Small droplets, not be visible to the eye, may linger for hours in the air under the right circumstances. It is also nearly impossible to breathe in large droplet particles because, well, they are not really airborne. Why does this matter? The smaller the droplets’ size, the easier it is for them to penetrate a porous surface. Add to that the certainty of these droplets circulating in the air for an extended period, you can see one reason why this virus is spreading rapidly.

The only products that are not penetrable are made from solid materials such as plastic and rubber. If everyone were running around wearing these types of products, we would see a reduction in cases. I could logically get on board with these products as they would work as intended. The science adds up. Basic elementary instruction would show their effectiveness.

So how can the government prove that cloth masks work? The simple answer is they can’t. Look at how many different designs, materials, and variances that there are. There is no uniformity or consensus. Just wear a mask! That seems rather strange and peculiar if you ask me. If the same government that overanalyzes everything is not interested in creating uniformity, then ask yourself why? It isn’t about making sure the products are effective. It is about reducing panic, creating a false sense of security, giving people the feely-good notion that they are safe if they mask up.

In conclusion, masks don’t work to stop Covid. If they did, we would see a drastic drop in positive cases. We can all sit here and argue our position with various articles and opinions to back up our stance. Neither side is going to believe the other. So here is my last observation for you to try at home. Take your mask and lay it on a white piece of paper. Take a colored spray paint and shoot the mask several times as if you were coughing or sneezing. Make sure to keep the can at the same distance from the mask as your mouth would be. Take your mask off of the paper. Notice those paint particles when through the mask and onto the paper? Did your mask stop all of the droplets? No, but it contained some, you say.

Paint droplets are generally 20-40 micrometers in size. Covid droplets are usually 70-90 nanometers in size. There are 1,000 nanometers in a micrometer. So, let’s do the math. A covid droplet is around 7% the size of a micrometer. Paint droplets are 20-40 micrometers. If you see paint transfer through your mask at the droplet size they are, do you really think that your mask is stoping covid particles? Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself. Check the math. Do a little investigation. But whatever you do, please don’t tell me that wearing a cloth mask made by granny will stop Covid in its tracks. It just won’t. It also will not reduce the particle volume enough even to notice a difference in the spread. Go ahead and ask 3M. See what they say. All other arguments are irrelevant—end of rant.

Author: Shawn Graham