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The Iowa Standard was privileged to be on Sen. Charles Grassley’s Capitol Hill Report phone call. We asked him to discuss the following.

House Democrat impeachment efforts:

“It’s pretty clear that the Democrats have wanted to impeach President Trump since he was elected. It’s kind of impeach now, get the facts later. It seems like they’re more interested in hurting the President than helping the American People and that’s why I try to keep focused on helping with policy, working the President to pass USMCA, which is very important to Iowa manufacturing services and agriculture, and for the entire country in lowering the cost of prescription drugs.

“I think elections are for settling political differences and it seems to me the Democrats are using impeachment instead of letting the people decide next year. After all, we’re only 13 months away from the next election.”

The Joe Biden/Ukraine issue:

“I’m not sure that I can speak with much authority on it, but I think that I have made public within the last couple weeks that way back in 2016, maybe 2017, I made questions (in a letter to Rosenstein) about Ukraine, so I’m interested in that.

“I’ve been interested in it, so I kind of believe that you can’t have one standard for the Obama/Biden administration and a different standard for Trump. If Democrats really care about the truth, they would also look into the politicization of the Intelligence Committee and federal law enforcement under Obama and Biden and Biden’s conflict of interest regarding his son’s business dealings in Ukraine and China. That seems to me as legitimate as what they’re looking into. I’m hoping that Attorney General Barr will follow this up and probably leaving most of that to the United States Attorney in Connecticut, Mr. Durham, to follow on. But I think this stuff is being investigated and it ought to be investigated.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall