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Senator Charles Grassley has served Iowans in the United States Senate for four decades. He’s seen a lot. But on Tuesday, he told The Iowa Standard this 2020 election and control of the United States Senate are critical to the future of the country.

“It’s very, very important that we have a firewall against a potential Biden presidency,” Grassley said during his Capitol Hill Report.

He listed off dangerous ideas espoused by the Democrats – doing away with the filibuster, eliminating right to work laws, adding four Democrats to the U.S. Senate by making Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico states, spending trillions of dollars on the Green New Deal, implementing Medicare for All.

“That’s the reason I say Joni Ernst must be re-elected,” Grassley said. “She fights for Iowans.”

Grassley called accusations about Ernst wanting to do away with social security are “ridiculous.”

“Let me tell you how ridiculous it is,” Grassley started. “If every senior citizen who is worried about that knew how scared every member of Congress – and I mean every Republican, Democrat, is scared of seniors. They wouldn’t even be asked. Seniors wouldn’t be one bit concerned. But every two, every four years, they get cranked up to be scared by the Democrats – ‘Oh, Republicans are going to do away with social security.’ That’s ridiculous and it’s ridiculous to accuse Joni Ernst.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall