Grassley: We Can’t Deny the Increasing Crime in our Country Anymore

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Last week, a member of the Biden Administration was confused why Fox News is talking about crime. She said Americans care more about what is happening in their daily lives than what the news says about crime.



How much more out of touch can the Biden administration be?


Crime is happening in Americans’ daily lives all across America. Thousands of people a year are being murdered. Violent crime has increased for two years with no signs of slowing.


The administration’s plan to fix the violent crime spike is a mere partisan gun control plan. It won’t seriously reduce violent crime. It focuses on issues that make up only a tiny fraction of violent crime or don’t contribute to it at all.


For example, the administration wants to crack down on “ghost guns.” But ghost guns are involved in a fraction of one percent of murders.


It also wants to focus on the so-called “Iron Pipeline” and blame red states for guns in crime-ridden blue states.


But data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms show the guns used in blue city crimes usually come from their own state!


Finally, it wants to focus on lawful gun sellers. But a DOJ study found most crimes are committed with stolen guns from the black market.


I worry the DOJ could use efforts to reduce violent crime as a pretext to harass lawful gun dealers and owners.


Gun sales have increased nationwide because Americans don’t feel safe anymore. I don’t blame them.


I’ve spoken recently about the increase in crimes that have nothing to do with guns. Gun control won’t stop criminals from pushing people in front of trains. It won’t stop flash-mobs from stealing goods from stores. It won’t stop thieves from looting train yards.


The Administration is wasting precious resources and taxpayer dollars on the partisan pet project of gun control. It has ordered the DOJ to look like it is doing something without really doing anything at all.


You know what Americans actually need to reduce violent crime? They need police forces empowered to do their jobs with the right resources and protection.


The Biden Administration says it supports police. But a leaked Executive Order shows it wants to take away their non-lethal life-saving tools and make it more difficult for police to get grants for funding.


Americans also need responsible bail policies that don’t let dangerous criminals back out onto the streets to kill more people.


They need prosecutors who will actually do their job to keep violent criminals away from the vulnerable.


The Biden Administration has the chance to make a real difference in reducing violent crime. It’s a shame they’re wasting it on misleading messaging.

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