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March 15, 2020, changed my senior year. That Sunday my heart was shattered. We had just heard the news that we would not be going back to school until April, and then it slowly turned into never going back to school. I have always loved school and I truly enjoy the academic side.

I remember in grade school when we would try to figure out what year we would graduate and I was so excited that this year, 2020, was the year that I would graduate. I watched as my brother got to walk across the stage and I enjoyed celebrating his accomplishments with him. I have attended several of my friends’ graduation parties taking notes at each one, dreaming of my own. So, when this year came around I was excited for what it had in store. I was excited to celebrate my own accomplishments with my family and friends.

March 13 was the last time I was able to walk the halls of Unity Christian High School as a student.

This is a really hard time for every senior and I am just going to say that I feel heartbroken and robbed.

Many events hang in the balance for us seniors. I do not know if we will be able to have a prom, senior chapel, senior capstone, spring sports, our senior class trip and many other fun things. For me, I also lost my spring dance competition. We were looking forward to those events and activities. The one thing that hurts all of us, is when will we be allowed to walk the grad walk and receive a diploma and enjoy our dream of graduation. I had started to compile a box full of graduation stuff and I was excited to be celebrated for my accomplishments with my friends and family. Now, all of these things are changing, many of which will never happen.

This whole pandemic has left me hurt and confused about why God’s plans are what they are. Although they are confusing, I know that God has a plan for us and that we are being made stronger throughout. Throughout this pandemic, God has really taught me some things. One of them is that life is short and to never take it for granted.

“Normal” will be hard to move back into since we no longer have school. I have been working throughout this pandemic and that has been somewhat difficult with all of the changes. So that will be a rejoicing moment to get back to normal.

So as a senior, I am telling you to let us grieve what we have lost and to bring some comfort to us during this hard time. No one really understands what we are losing because this is a very unique situation. This will probably never happen again and God has made this virus for a reason but the seniors need the time and space.

Author: Michaela Gray