Greenfield reluctantly reaffirms opposition to packing Supreme Court

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During Monday night’s U.S. Senate debate, Democrat Theresa Greenfield was asked how many justices she believes should sit on the Supreme Court.

She did not answer the question right away. In fact, moderator David Yepsen had to remind Greenfield just what the question was.

“Caroline’s question was how many justices should there be on the court,” he said.

“Oh, well I’ll tell you what, the rhetoric that comes out of Washington is so divisive. And as I travel this state, Iowans want it to end. I’ve been clear all along that I don’t support packing the courts if that’s what you call it.”

Moderator Caroline Cummings had to ask the question a third time.

“So you want nine justices on the court? You want it to stay nine?”

“Yeah, absolutely. That is our institution and our tradition and I don’t support packing the courts,” Greenfield said.

As for Greenfield’s claim that she’s been “clear all along,” well, you make that call.

Here is Greenfield’s opinion from a May debate:

Here is her answer from just a little while ago:

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall