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Last night, Senator Bernie Sanders took his victory lap for dragging the Democrat Party so far to the Left, they have accepted his radical ideas like government-run healthcare. But former Colby Interests executive Theresa Greenfield will be listening with no stake in the matter.

Greenfield’s recent financial disclosure form revealed she receives her healthcare from her former employer, despite no longer working for them.

After leaving Colby Interests, Greenfield secured a sweetheart deal that includes getting her health insurance covered. In her 2019 personal financial disclosure, Greenfield disclosed she will receive a continuation of payments for health benefits from Colby Management Company through Dec. 31, 2020.

It begs the question, if Greenfield supports government-run health care plans on the campaign trail, why was she so desperate to avoid one for herself?

“In a deal many Iowans don’t receive, Greenfield made sure she could avoid government-run health care plans,” said Melissa Deatsch, Ernst campaign press secretary. “If Greenfield admits the government-run plans aren’t good enough for her, why does she think they’re good enough for other Iowans? Yet again, Greenfield is only looking out for herself, not for Iowans.”