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On Sunday, we told you about a “grooming” book shelved in Central Lyon High School (a 7-12 grade building). It’s a disturbing piece of work.

But it turns out Central Lyon isn’t alone in supplying the book to minors. Keep in mind this book contains sexual activities between a minor and an adult, sexual nudity and excessive/frequent profanity.

The book features a story about a teacher seducing a student.

Here is an excerpt from page 173:

“Do you want to kiss me, Josh?” Is that it?
…”I can’t-I can’t’-you’re my teacher.” I wanted to kill myself right then and there.
After all this talk of me being so grown up and so not a kid!
…”I’m your friend, too. And friends t ell each other things.”
…I shuddered for the first time in my life. I just couldn’t get the words out. But
finally, eventually, tortuously, I told her about the dreams. I didn’t tell her about
the ones I had when I was awake, or at least, I didn’t tell her that that’s what they
were. I told her about them and lied and said they happened when I was asleep.
…”Oh, Josh…” she said, only it was more like a groan, lie she’d been hurt
somehow. I could hear her breathing, panting like she was running a race or
carrying some heavy, awful weight. She leaned closer to me, and I could smell
strawberries and the wine on her breath. “Josh, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry…”
…I was trying to figure out what she was sorry about when she kissed me. Not on
the cheek this time. Not for a second. Her lips against my lips. My head exploded.
My heart stopped and started again in triple time.
…And rallied back just as I felt something warmer and softer and stronger than
her lips pressing against my lips. Her tongue oh wow shouldn’t that be gross
someone’s tongue but it isn’t it is glorious pressing against my lips, prying them
open, and then her tongue inside my mouth like in the movies-I realized, this is
how they kiss in the movies and sparks flew in my brain, ricocheting in my
consciousness and igniting me all over.
…I probed at her tongue with my own. Yow! It was like sticking a fork in a socket.
My mind melted. Everything I was or would be boiled down to the tip of my
…Our tongues danced around each other. I tasted the wine on hers. Could she
taste the Coke on mine? She traced the edges of my teeth, slid around the
confines of my mouth as if seeking out every last trace of taste from me.
…I couldn’t stand it. I had to-
…I pushed forward the tiniest bit and forced her tongue out of my
mouth…following it back into her mouth with my own, our lips fused as if with
…I followed her lead, exploring the inside of her mouth, dueling with her tongue,
rooting out the flavor of the white wine and the even sweeter taste of her own
saliva. It should have been gross. I always imagined it would be gross. But it
…She leaned back a little, breaking contact. We were still so close that a
movement from either of us would mean touching the other, but I froze. It was
like an electrical field had come up between us and to disrupt it would mean…I
don’t know. I was afraid to find out. I was dying to find out.
…I was woozy. So was she. She was still panting, having trouble catching her
…”Was…was…was..” She gulped air and laughed. “Was that what you wanted?”
Her voice was low, not a whisper, just low. “Was that what you wanted, Josh?”
…I fought for breath, swaying back and forth.
…”don’t pass out on me, Josh,” she said, her voice still low, like it was for me and
no one else in the universe. “Was that what you wanted?” There was a desperation in her tone.
…”Yes,” I managed to gasp.
…She sighed like someone who’s been given an unexpected gift.”

And here is an excerpt from page 176:

“Listen to me very carefully,” she said on the way. “What we did was fine. We
care about each other, and when people care about each other, they kiss. You
know that, right?
…I was a little annoyed. I wasn’t a baby. “Yes.”
…”But you know I could get in trouble for it, right? I mean, I could lose my job. I
could go to jail.” Her fingers strummed on the steering wheel.
…”I know.”
…”So-and I know I’ve said this before-you can’t tell anyone what we talked about
or what we did. OK?”
…”Promise me, Josh. Promise me you’ll never tell anyone.”
…I promised. Why would I tell anyone? If I told anyone, they would know what I
had thought and seen. They would know I’d lusted after Eve, know that I’d spied
on her while she slept, that I’d dreamed about her even while awake. I couldn’t
tell anyone.
…”OK.” We pulled into my driveway. The house was dark, the driveway bare. I
started to open the door, but Eve stopped me with a hand on my shoulder. The
dome light dimmed and we were in darkness.
…She looked around for a second, then leaned toward me. I met her halfway and
she kissed me again, a shorter but no less electric version of what we’d shared in
the apartment.
…”To keep you warm tonight.” She giggled. I don’t know why-I felt like I’d be
warm forever.”

One Amazon customer wrote the book “graphically depicts” scenes in which a boy is sexually abused by his adult teacher.

“I am afraid this book would be used predatory people, who may masquerade around as teachers, that could easily use this book to groom children, by easily presenting this as a young adults book. I also think it may negatively influence minors who read it, by making a sexual relationship with a teacher sound fun and exciting.”

So, what other schools have this book on the shelf? Here is a limited list: 

Central Lyon (Rock Rapids)

This disturbing book can also be found in the following public libraries:

Ankeny Kirkendall Public Library
University of Northern Iowa – Rod Library
Cedar Falls
Center Point
Des Moines Public Library
University of Iowa
North Liberty
Orange City
West Liberty
Cedar Rapids
Mount Mercy University
Council Bluffs
Fort Dodge


  1. And all the while God is showing up for real transforming young people’s lives at Asbury College. Come Holy Spirit and crash into this sick, evil state so that people see what they are doing.

    Thanks, Jacob, for the reporting.


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