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As we prepare to enter the final stretch of the 2020 election (yes, I think we can consider the final few months the final stretch since the 2020 campaign started a few days after President Donald Trump won the 2016 campaign), I have to issue an apology.

The last few cycles we’ve been told “this is the most important election of your lifetime.”

And every time I heard that in the past, I usually rolled my eyes and let out a brief sigh. So cliche, so worn out, so tired.

But in 2020, the idea that THIS is the MOST important election of our lifetime is SO TRUE.

I am no senior citizen, but I’ve been around long enough to see enough presidential elections to know that America’s future certainly hangs in the balance.

As I think back to four years ago (many Republicans, myself included, had real reservations about Donald Trump because of his prior missteps in his personal life) and look to where we are now, it’s nuts.

Trump is still not a perfect person. In some ways, he isn’t even the ideal Republican President.

But, the reality is, he is it. President Trump is the only person standing between America and a movement that seeks to defund the police, abolish ICE, grant citizenship to millions of criminals, continue and expand as much as possible the slaughter of the unborn, force taxpayers to pay for sex-change surgeries and, well, probably even crazier stuff that I haven’t even thought of yet.

Tucker Carlson likely nailed it a couple weeks ago on Fox when he predicted that if Dems get control, they’ll legalize 20 million illegal immigrants, expand the Supreme Court and add senators to give Washington D.C. representation in the Senate.

If they gain control, they’ll abuse their control in an effort to maintain their control. It will be a cycle. And it’s hard to imagine that cycle ending peacefully.

One of the major differences I see between the two parties is that, when given power, Democrats actually enact their legislative priorities. They actually push things.

Republicans, meanwhile, get in power and just try to maintain it by actually not doing anything “too controversial.”

The reality of the 2020 election staring us in the face is this — never before has a political party in America been so hellbent on a complete, fundamental transformation of the United States.

They literally want to defund the police. I’m not sure if they plan to do that before or after they plan to take away your firearms.

I am mostly confident about 2020 because I struggle to believe that the “Independents” in this country can look at a liberal agenda of defunding the police, promoting Black Lives Matter and tearing down our history plays well.

But here’s where I’m concerned. Democrats, at this point, seem to simply want it more than Republicans. And I know, I know — for Democrats, politics is their religion. For many Republicans, politics is second to their religion (or third, or fourth).

Democrats are fired up in 2020. They desperately want to oust Trump from the White House. I’m not sure how anyone could make the case that the Democrat Party isn’t being run by the inmates right now. They have embraced pretty much every far-left position on every issue there is. And they’re on offense.

Republicans, and I’m talking about elected Republicans, are often too timid and quiet about their ideals. They’re almost apologetic in their embrace of conservatism — if they choose to embrace conservatism at all. Republicans don’t seem to be near as bold as the radical liberals currently pulling the strings of the Democrat Party. The liberal, socialist base has undoubtedly succeeded in pulling its party to the Left while the Republican, conservative base has been more cautiously conservative than courageously conservative.

If Republicans want to win in 2020, they had better figure out a way to ignite a fire under its base. Trump has spent the last four years triggering leftists left and right. While he’s done a lot on his own to motivate his conservative base, every time he does something to fire conservatives up, it’s going to also fire up liberals.

And right now Democrats seem to have momentum on their side, despite the ideas they actually espouse — like defunding the police.

As wrong as the Democrats are on many key issues, there’s one thing that will help mask bad ideas — overwhelming confidence. You don’t often hear Democrats try to soften their liberal policy positions. They pretty well embrace them and they do so with enthusiasm. Even though they’re wrong, they’re confident.

And, people in general are naturally drawn to confidence. If someone is genuinely not sure of which way they want to go, they will almost always follow the way that seems most reassuring. And right now the Democrats aren’t apologizing for their radical ideas, they’re advancing them.

Republicans need to embrace what it is that makes them different from Democrats. They need to champion the fundamentals. And they need to do it in an unapologetic, confident manner that leaves no doubt as to the alternative that exists outside of the Democrat/Black Lives Matter agenda.

This election, this 2020 election, is THE most important election of our lifetime. I’d argue it is the most important election in this country since the 19th century.

Democrats are no longer just a political party with contrasting views, they are a Party that is intent on the fundamental transformation of America. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — Democrats do not love our country. You do not desire to “fundamentally transform” something you love.

Democrats, the radical wing of the Democrat Party that seems to be steering the movement, have no intention of co-existing.

They seemingly have every intention of punishing their opposition. They don’t view America as mostly good. (By the way, if I’m wrong, Democrats are welcome to fire a letter to the editor to [email protected] and explain how proud of their country and its history they are).

There is no way to say this without sounding overly dramatic — but I believe it with all my heart:

If President Trump loses in 2020, Republicans and Americans will lose much more than the 2020 election. They may just lose America.

Author: Jacob Hall