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I attended the public hearing on the proposed constitutional amendment in Iowa that would simply state there is no constitutional right to an abortion or to taxpayer funding of abortion in the Hawkeye State.

The proposed constitutional amendment is not a Personhood amendment. It won’t stop one single abortion from happening the day after it is enacted.

There was incredible testimony presented throughout the hearing, and there was also incredibly hypocritical testimony.

Here are some of the things heard from those supporting the practice of abortion:

“Elected officials have already taken away that right for people in my situation by restricting without exception abortion after 20 weeks. And I just want you to know that in my opinion, this is state-sanctioned torture and violence and a gross imposition of one set of deeply held beliefs on another person.”

“I don’t understand why you’re ignoring the will of the people, and why you are legislating to a few fringe members of your party, and why you don’t have the courage to stand up to these bullies.”

After choosing to abort a pregnancy of more than 20 weeks, another speaker said, “I never felt closer to God.”

What was deeply disturbing was the somewhat constant use of the word “dehumanizing” from those who support abortion.

“The fact that extremist legislators would propose and let alone vote yes for an amendment that would put my life at risk, is truly dehumanizing.”

“I can promise you that losing access to abortion would, without a doubt, put the safety and dignity of my human life at risk.”

“It is dehumanizing for me to continue doing this.”

What on God’s green earth could possibly be more dehumanizing than killing unborn babies? Really? I am genuinely curious if there is a better definition of the word “dehumanizing” than abortion.

The chatter about this bill bringing an end to legal abortion in Iowa was not germane to the conversation. That is not what the bill does, and that will not change regardless of how many times Planned Parenthood victims (yes, mothers of aborted babies are indeed victims as well) say it.

I was going to go on at length about some of these statements. But after listening to them again and typing them again, I really think they speak for themselves.

What I will say is this…I feel for each and every one of those moms who chose abortion over their baby’s life for whatever reason. It breaks my heart to know that so many innocent unborn children will never receive a first hug from their mom, say a first word to their mom, take a first step toward their mom, be dropped off at school by their mom for a first day of school, won’t get to talk with their mom about their first crush, will never buy a first car, never own a first home and, of course, never have a first child of their own.

A lifetime of potential erased by one choice.

If I’m being honest, I felt the same thing from nearly every speaker who talked in support of the right to end an unborn baby’s life.

I heard no peace in their voice. I saw no peace on their face.

While my sense is none of those mothers who had abortions and continue to advocate for abortions have peace, I hope and pray for their sake they can find it, along with an understanding of truly dehumanizing decisions, behaviors and words.

Every unborn baby has inalienable right to life. For many, until that right is really granted, peace will not come.

Author: Jacob Hall