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With this morning’s scheduled subcommittee on a conversion therapy ban for minors here in Iowa, it seems it would be beneficial to take a step back and really examine where we’re at in terms of the struggle for morality when it comes to parents, kids, schools and activist groups in Iowa.

Please understand that when I write conversion therapy ban, I’m not talking about a ban on someone going through sex-change surgery. I’m talking about a ban that will prevent any minor from receiving counseling from a health care professional to discuss or to change homosexual or bisexual orientation.

First, nobody in their right mind supports abusive therapy for anyone, for any reason. We have laws against abuse already. And if abusive therapy is happening in Iowa, where are all the police reports? Who is failing to file all the lawsuits?

Perhaps we should rewind even further. For years, homosexual activists made it clear they wanted the government to stay out of their bedrooms. But now they’re bringing their bedrooms into our government and into our classrooms.

Remember, they just wanted the right to marry and it wouldn’t have any impact on you or your life whatsoever.

But the intrusive, incremental LGBTQ agenda hasn’t stopped. Heck, it hasn’t slowed. If anything it is still in full-court press mode.

A little more than 10 years ago the Iowa Supreme Court shocked most Iowans with its ruling to allow homosexuals to marry in Iowa.

Did you imagine 10 years later it would be a genuine debate on whether a 40-year old man who thinks he is a woman has the right to use the bathroom stall next to your 6-year old daughter or granddaughter? Ten years ago, did you imagine there would actually have to be legislation introduced that states high school students must compete in sports based on their gender at birth?

If not, realize you probably can’t even begin to imagine what sexual revolution will be happening in 2030.

We’ve seen the LGBTQ indoctrination plan laid out in front of us in black and white by the University of Iowa Public Policy Center. We detailed that report in a six-part series.

And it isn’t just Iowa City. Here are some of the signs that were plastered at Brody Middle School in Des Moines. They’re right inside the school’s library.

State Sen. Eric Giddens and his wife, Kendra Wohlert, orchestrated a gay pride event in front of Peet Junior High in Cedar Falls earlier this school year.

Where I live, here in Sioux County (where 82 percent of people voted Trump for President in 2016), the Orange City Library has elected to do nothing about materials pushing the LGBTQ agenda to children. One of the books suggests talking to children who are 3 years old about all kinds of families, including how a family can be made up of two dads.

We’re setting kids up for a lifetime of failure when it comes to basic biology. Yet it’s Republicans who have a so-called war on science.

In Council Bluffs, students held a walkout over a transgender student using a female bathroom.

There is a push for LGBTQ curriculum in every grade and in every subject. It is undeniable.

And now, there’s a push to ban conversion therapy for minors. So, let’s recap.

The LGBTQ agenda has infiltrated the schools. I don’t think there’s any room for doubt in that regard. They want to normalize the behavior and teach it as diversity that is to be celebrated.

But the problem is this isn’t morally neutral diversity, like most other forms of diversity. There are parents and families who pay for these same schools that believe what has been believed for nearly all eternity, until 15 or 20 years ago. You know, they believe just like Barack Obama believed when he first ran for President, that marriage is the union between one man and one woman.

But the activists want the LGBTQ agenda taught, parents’ beliefs be damned, and they don’t want any barriers put in place.

And now that they have succeeded in infiltrating the schools, their next target is to make it illegal for moms and dads to take their children for counseling if their child experiences same-sex attraction.

Think about that.

They are using taxpayer schools to push this radical agenda on to innocent children who are not near ready to learn about this stuff. Nor is school the place to learn about it.

If we’re being honest, secular humanism is a religion. And, secular humanism has been identified with support for LGBTQ rights for decades. It seems reasonable to say the LGBTQ agenda is a religious movement within secular humanism that is being spread in schools despite that so-called separation of church and state that seems to only work one way.

There are some who will disagree with this assessment. I know the cultural winds are blowing in the wrong direction on this one.

But I’ll never forget the bumper sticker my freshman social studies teacher had above his classroom door:

“What’s right is not always popular.
What’s popular is not always right.”

The LGBTQ activists have infiltrated education. And now, they want to keep those same kids who will no doubt be confused about sexuality and gender when it is introduced in a school setting at too young of an age from seeking help from professional medical providers.

Is it any wonder why?

Despite story after story after story from people who used to struggle with homosexuality or same-sex attraction, the last thing the LGBTQ activists want kids to believe is, once they’re introduced into the indoctrination, there’s a way out.

And oh, by the way, parents are paying for it.

This is wrong.

Those who disagree can say this is a conspiracy theory, but in order to convince themselves of that they have to ignore reality.

I pointed to a handful of examples just off the top of my head without doing a second of research.

Adult minds, for the most part, aren’t going to be changed on this issue. And it’s not that adults are “stuck in their ways,” it’s that they know how the world works.

Sure, emotional stories that tug on heartstrings will sway a few, but the real goal for the LGBTQ activists is not convincing the adults.

The real goal is to convince the kids that the lifestyle is not something to just be accepted or tolerated, it is something to be celebrated.

And if bills like a conversion therapy ban are the best we can hope for from a Republican-controlled House, God help us.