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Informed Choice Iowa hosted its annual conference on Saturday at the Des Moines Airport Holiday Inn. About 450 people gathered to hear from a half dozen speakers on the topic of medical freedom.

Having attended the previous year’s conference, I pretty much knew what to expect. There were a number of vendors present, hundreds of interested moms and dads and layer after layer of information.

And no offense, but some of those layers of information I could live without. No, not because they’re boring or irrelevant, but because they are frightening.

Every speaker did a good job and made a concerted effort to source their claims. Attendees were given more information than they probably know what to do with, but they certainly cannot say. they’re uninformed on the topic

To be honest, it isn’t an easy topic of discussion. Our society has drilled into our heads over and over that vaccines are safe and effective. I was vaccinated as a kid. Our children were vaccinated – I only recently learned much of the concerns behind the medical freedom movement.

But when you get to the bottom-most layer of this perceived “anti-vax” issue – you’ll find it’s really not about vaccinating or not vaccinating. Not at all.

It’s really about having the right to decide what is or isn’t injected into your body and your child’s body.

An emotional, scientific, complicated “debate” really is quite simple and comes down to one basic question – should the government be allowed to inject something into your body or your child’s body against your wishes?

There is a chance I’m dumbing this too far down or trying to take an extremely complex issue much too simple – but as an observer, I find the heart of the matter is not – I repeat – not if vaccines work or if they’re effective or if (fill-in-the-blank).

No, the question is simple – do moms and dads have the right to refuse something being injected into their child’s body? Do you have the right to refuse something being injected into your body?

Now, look, there is more than enough science and studies to debate all of these other aspects of medical freedom when it comes to vaccines. And there is plenty of time for it.

But where I am sitting, in the midst of this “global pandemic,” mask mandates and many sheep simply following what the government tells them is best – the immediate question that must be answered sooner rather than later is really that simple…can the government force you to inject something into your body or your baby’s body?

We’ll talk and write much more about the conference throughout the week, but to start, I hope readers take the time to truly sit and ponder the consequences of their answer to that one question regardless if they say yes or no.

Their answer will have far-reaching implications not just on their own life, but on their children’s lives and on future generations. It has implications for the state and the country. More than that, it has implications on freedom.

Author: Jacob Hall