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In 24 hours, Iowans will find out which state legislators stand for the state motto and which ones do not have their backs.

It seems dramatic and like an oversimplification, yet it is reality.

Somehow, a state-controlled completely by Republicans has not done anything to protect employees from vaccine mandates by employers. And tomorrow, October 28, is THE chance to do something about it.

It is clear Gov. Kim Reynolds will not issue an executive order to buy time for the legislature and for Iowans who are up against deadlines.

It is also clear she decided not to call a special legislative session to address this issue specifically.

So now the legislature must find a way to get it done tomorrow, at the eleventh hour.

For some Iowans, no matter what the legislature does, it will be too late. They’ve already quit or been fired for refusing to have a substance they did not want to be injected into their body injected into their bodies.

For others, this is it. They may have an Oct. 31 deadline or a Nov. 15 deadline. The legislature will not convene again — assuming the maps are approved Thursday — until January. Of course, that’s unless Gov. Reynolds doesn’t call for a special legislative session to prize the rights of Iowans and maintain their liberties.

I have heard from legislators that in this instance, multiple principles of conservatism are clashing. On one hand, you have individual rights. On the other, private business rights. And when those two clash, what is a legislator supposed to do?

The answer isn’t complicated — side with individual liberty. Government’s first responsibility is to protect its citizens — otherwise known as individuals. It is to protect the liberty and freedom of individuals — not to protect the “right” of a business to order an employee have something injected into their body that can never be removed whether on the clock or off.

I’m not sure why this is difficult to understand.

And for the “government shouldn’t regulate private business” crowd…then I presume you legislators will be filing countless bills in January to remove all — ALL — restrictions government currently places on private businesses? Are we now going to abolish professional licensing? Are we going to stop telling stores they can sell cigarettes and alcohol to people only of a certain age? Are we going to get rid of all regulations pertaining to health care? Are we going to remove all “capacity” limitations set forth in private businesses? Are we going to abolish the state minimum wage? Are we going to abolish the state civil rights code?

Are we going to do any of that?

Are we going to apologize for allowing the government to order businesses to close less than a year ago? To restrict gatherings to 10 people or less? To force a private business to close by a certain time of night?


Government cannot or should not regulate private business as an excuse to allow private businesses to force vaccinations for employees just doesn’t cut it. Private business rights do not trump individual rights.

If they do, then where does it end? What is the next logical step?

I have heard some great speeches from Republicans in this state lately on a variety of issues. I’ve heard some on this issue in particular. But the time for words and speeches is long gone. Now is the time for action.

There is literally no excuse for inaction other than Republicans prefer to side with private businesses over individual citizens.

That’s where we’re at in this process. Democrats cannot stop Republicans from providing protections for the individual. Only Republicans can stop this from becoming a reality.

There are people in the legislature who have ambitions. Ambitions to one day run for Congress or U.S. Senate or Governor.

If tomorrow comes and goes and nothing is done to provide protections to Iowans, good luck in those future endeavors.

This is specifically directed at leadership in both chambers. If the votes aren’t there, put something on the floor and let the Republicans who refuse to side with individual rights and liberty out themselves. Allow the people to know who is on their side and who is not.

Quit protecting weak-kneed, spineless politicians who turn their backs on Iowans when they are needed most.

More importantly, make an impact. If the legislature acts, make sure it provides actual protection against employer vaccine mandates and not just mandates from an out-of-control federal government.

Do not do something for the sake of saying you did something. Something is not always better than nothing.

Rather than doing something. Rather than doing nothing.

Simply do the right thing.

The people who elected you deserve it.

Author: Jacob Hall