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A proposed law protecting women’s sports by allowing ONLY biological women to compete in women’s sports cleared both the Iowa House and Iowa Senate. And the bill did it without one single vote from an Iowa Democrat.

To be fair, there aren’t many Iowa Democrats in the legislature. After all, just 58 of the 150 seats are held by Democrats. And, apparently, for good reason.


I have talked with voters who are not conservative. Heck, they’re not Republican. But they cannot begin to fathom or understand the logic behind refusing — well, logic. Logic suggests that girls, females, women should be the only people playing sports played by girls, females and women.

These voters don’t put Republican signs in their yard. They don’t fill in Republican bubbles on ballots very often.

But even they say they cannot understand the rationale for Democrats denying what is obvious — that trans men are women, and that trans women are men.

One of our Facebook followers shared insight they gained on this issue and summed it up well — “identities” do not compete in sports, bodies do.

There are kids undoubtedly who are legitimately confused about their sex/gender for a variety of reasons. But society isn’t helping those confused about their sex/gender by denying the reality of their sex/gender. In fact, a society that is doing harm and is allowing and even encouraging life-altering sex/gender reassignment treatments is abusing the most innocent among us — kids.

Fifteen years ago Iowa added sexual orientation and gender identity to its civil rights code. Unfortunately, Republican lawmakers haven’t figured out this is a wrong that must — MUST — be undone in order to stop the insanity.

But even the legislators who decided to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the civil rights code understood what is being debated today — that biological boys do not belong in girls’ sports.

How can I possibly know that? Simple, by reading the code.

Here is what it states…

“Exclusion of a person or persons from participation in, denial of the benefits of, or subjection to discrimination in any academic, extracurricular, research, occupational training or other program or activity except athletic programs.”


I just want to be sure everyone sees that in Iowa law. And everyone should understand that while that egregious addition to the civil rights code passe with some embarrassing Republican support, it was a Democrat effort to add the protected classes.

And there must be a reason why these “visionaries” and “progressives” back in 2007 felt compelled to include an exception in the civil rights code for athletic programs.

Probably because 15 years ago it wasn’t considered bigoted or hateful to suggest biological girls are the only people meant to play girls’ sports — it was considered sound science, sound logic and sound sanity.

Keep in mind not one — NOT ONE — single Democrat in the Iowa legislature voted to protect women’s sports. Not one.

Let’s be really real for a minute. I have to believe there was a time that someone who would refuse to agree that biological girls should be the only people playing girls’ sports would be declared unfit for office. And I’m not talking like 100 years ago, or even 50. I’m talking 20. Well, based on the civil rights code, I guess I could suggest even 15.

This is how far the Democrat Party has drifted in a short 10 years. And while it is disturbing and disgusting, we need to keep in mind this is just a stop along the way — they are not done yet. They’re not even close to their final destination.

Look, 10-20 years ago, nobody would have predicted we’d be here debating whether biological males should compete in girls’ sports. Nobody.

Well, maybe someone would have made that argument, but they would’ve likely been treated similarly to how we view these college professors today who are attempting to “destigmatize” pedophilia.

Yet 100 percent of Iowa Democrats in the legislature support allowing biological boys to compete in girls’ sports.

Congrats to legislative Republicans (except Michael Bergan, who voted against the bill in the House and deserves a primary opponent for many reasons) for proactively addressing this imminent issue.

But they must remember this is a start, not a finish. They must strip gender identity and sexual orientation out of the Iowa Civil Rights Code. They must.

If they don’t what that really tells us is legislative Republicans are just 10-15 years behind Iowa Democrats on issues of sexuality, sex and gender. And we know where Iowa Democrats are today. I shudder to think where Iowa Republicans will be in 10-15 years if they continue following the Democrats’ lead on these issues.

Author: Jacob Hall

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