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Representatives Lee Hein and Dave Maxwell have demonstrated more than once their commitment to stand against the pro-life movement. Both voted against the Heartbeat bill. Both refused to support the abortion neutrality amendment.

Both are running for re-election this fall.

Hein represents District 96. He is being challenged by Democrat Everett Chase. Maxwell represents District 76. He is being challenged by Democrat Sarah Smith. Kamal Hammouda is running in District 76 against Maxwell also as an Independent.

Neither Hein nor Maxwell deserve Republican support.

In 2018, both voted against the Heartbeat bill. Hein and Maxwell were among five GOP legislators who voted against the Heartbeat bill (against the Republican Party platform) and RPI still gave those five legislators a total of more than $285,000.

Maxwell also voted against the 20-week ban in 2017.

In 2012 Maxwell won election to the Iowa House. The Iowa Republican Party contributed $234,006 in that election cycle to his campaign. He received $7,554.41 for his 2018 general election from the Republican Party of Iowa.

Hein, who did vote in support of the 20-week abortion ban in 2017, received $124,443 in 2010 from the Iowa Republican party when he first ran. After voting against the Heartbeat bill, the Republican Party of Iowa contributed $6,349.97 in 2018.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been invested in those two seats. And for what? So they can fight against the No. 1 tenant of the Party? So they can continually vote against the pro-life cause?

The 2016 Iowa GOP platform stated:

“The Right to Life shall be understood to include all people from conception to natural death.”

That line appeared in its No. 1 platform principle. The 2018 RPI platform repeated the same language.

It’s time to put Party money where the Party platform is.

We’ll keep a close eye on how much money is given to Hein and Maxwell during this 2020 cycle. Pro-life Iowans should as well.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall