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Earlier this year I was astonished to see there isn’t a single Democrat in the Iowa legislature willing to trust the science or side with basic biology.

I also was left scratching my head when soon-to-be-former State Rep. Dustin Hite said bills like the bathroom bill wouldn’t get a hearing in his committee any time soon. Hite was the chair of the House Education Committee. He said that when Republicans talk about “those issues,” they have to make sure they don’t come across as hateful.


What Hite and those Republicans who think like him obviously don’t understand is those who oppose science, common sense and reason on this issue do not care about approach — they care about the message.

The message, no matter how hard-lined or soft it is, comes across as hateful if we’re not willing to go along with preferred pronouns, fake females and make-believe men.

That’s the reality. And it shouldn’t be difficult to figure out.

I know that I lean to the right politically, and there are a few who might think of me as “far right” (I just prefer being right), but of all the issues out there, I know most Americans do not agree with the transgender push taking place across the country — regardless of their political leanings.

The fact that in less than 10 years we’ve gone from redefining marriage to redefining gender is nuts. Yes, the pun is intended.

Seriously. Ask 100 Democrat voters if they think their little daughter or granddaughter should be forced to use a bathroom stall next to a 40-year-old man who thinks he is a woman. You will not find more than 10 who are fine with that.

That number will be even smaller when asking unaffiliated voters and Republicans.

Ask them if a child should be allowed to undergo gender reassignment surgery. Ask if teachers should ask a child for their preferred pronouns. Ask if a school should keep these preferred pronouns secret from parents. Ask if biological boys like William Thomas should be able to compete in female sports.

The answer, probably eight times out of 10, will be no. And, according to a new national poll from Competitive Edge Research obtained by the Daily Caller, six out of 10 times it’ll likely be a “hell no.”

Sixty-two percent of likely voters said they believe gender activists are “going too far” with their agenda.

The poll shows 75 percent of likely voters do not think biological men have a place in women’s locker rooms.

Thankfully, 58 percent of respondents still believe in science, stating they “strongly believe” there are only biological males and biological females.

Sixty percent of people said they strongly oppose allowing biological males to compete in female sports. Overall 71 percent said they oppose it.

This may be one major factor in the Hispanic escape from the Democrat Party. Seventy-four percent of Hispanic voters opposed allowing biological males and staff to share sleeping quarters with biological female students.

More than that, a majority of Democrats — DEMOCRATS — oppose the .trans-sanity. Fifty-nine percent of Democrats oppose allowing biological male students from sharing sleeping quarters with biological females.

Republicans will often shy away from issues deemed “controversial” because they lack the oratory skill and necessary courage to fight back against the mainstream media narrative. Instead, they cower and eventually cave.

And, because they cower and cave, we’re here.

But we don’t have to go any further. While I’d prefer we begin to work our way back toward normalcy, we should at least draw the line in the sand at this moment and say we’re not crossing it.

Little girls will not share bathrooms with men. Not now, not here, not ever, not anywhere.

And we shouldn’t apologize for holding this position. In fact, we should just adopt Congressman Matt Gaetz’s response:

Here is the reality — the Left has beat up Republicans over and over on social issues because we’ve let them.

But this redefining of gender is not and will not be acceptable to an overwhelming majority of Americans.

I understand there are people who believe there are more pressing issues in the world and the country, but imagine if Democrats are successful at redefining gender and ask how on Earth will people who believe in basic biology co-exist with those who don’t.

And, in addition, those who don’t will demand that those who do go along with their world of make-believe.

This cannot happen. It can’t. Not if we’re going to have a functional society.

Now is indeed the time to stop trying to be all things to all people. As President Ronald Reagan said:

“Let’s have a new first party. A Republican Party raising a banner of bold colors, no pale pastels. A banner instantly recognizable as standing for certain values which will not be compromised.”

Let’s make sure science, biology and commonsense are among those values.

Let’s be a voice for the 75-80 percent of Americans who aren’t ready to go along with the trans-sanity being pushed by the Left.

In every conversation, make those on the Left own these ideas and these efforts. Make them own it.

Because the reality is, either they disown these insane efforts, or the vast majority of voters will disown them and the Democrat Party altogether.

Author: Jacob Hall

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