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In college, one of my favorite journalism professors said you can use a question as your lede twice in your entire career. Thankfully, referencing that tip allows me to start this story with that sentence rather than the following question.

But now I’ll ask it.


Who does the Republican Party of Iowa serve?

There are two answers to this question. First is the philosophical answer. The second is the actual answer.

The Republican Party of Iowa is possible because of Republican voters in Iowa. Therefore, the Republican Party of Iowa should serve Republican voters in Iowa first and foremost. It should push for the principles of the Republican Party of Iowa’s platform to be represented in Congress.

Here is a good example of that. Click this link if you want to read the full story, but here’s the headline:

HEIGHT OF IGNORANCE, HYPOCRISY: Iowa GOP fundraising off election integrity fears, but remained completely silent when entire Iowa delegation voted to certify Biden victory.

For those who do not recall, the Republican Party of Iowa sent out a fundraising email asking for money because Democrats are “drastically outfighting” Republicans in the “battle” over election integrity.

“If we don’t step up right now, we could lose forever. In Washington, House and Senate Republicans are working every day to stop the Left’s election takeover.”

It continued by saying that, so far, Republicans have “held the line” and stopped the Left.

“I’m pleading with you. Step up today to help support Republicans as we battle the Left and defend the integrity of our elections. If you don’t, we’re going to lose!”

That’s what it said.


It was bad.

But, just like this bad TV infomercial, this bad political fundraising email was followed with a “but wait, there’s more” moment.

A second fundraising email called “Was your vote counted, Jacob?” was sent to Republicans.

Here is what it said:

“Was your vote counted, Jacob?”

“There’s nothing more important than defending the integrity of our elections. American voters need to be absolutely certain that our ballots were counted fairly and accurately. Otherwise, how can we trust the reported results of our elections (or the government itself)?

“That’s why I’m fighting every day alongside true Republican Patriots (like you!) to ensure that it’s easy to vote and hard to cheat.

“We’re fighting every day to stop the Democrats schemes, and we need your support to keep going.”


You know what the Republican Party of Iowa leadership didn’t do — at least to my knowledge — publicly? RPI leadership never publicly talked about the fact Iowa was the only state — only one out of 50 — that had multiple Republicans in the U.S. House and at least one in the U.S. Senate (and we had two) where none of them voted to object to the 2020 Presidential Election.

Randy Feenstra, Ashley Hinson, Mariannette Miller-Meeks, Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley all voted to certify Joe Biden’s victory against President Donald J. Trump.

This is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. RPI was willing to try to make money off Republicans in Iowa by saying our Republican delegation was fighting Democrats over election integrity, when in reality, they threw the towel in on that fight on Jan. 6, 2021.

Here is another example. This week Ashley Hinson and Mariannette Miller-Meeks both voted for H.R. 8404, a bill that codifies homosexual marriage, repeals the Defense of Marriage Act and will likely cost churches and ministries their tax status if they maintain a biblical definition of marriage according to family policy groups in D.C.

I’m not going to write about why this issue still matters — that’s another column for another day. But I simply want to share with our readers what the Republican Party of Iowa platform says about this issue:

“We believe that traditional, two-parent (one male (XY) and one female (XX)), marriage-based families are the foundation to a stable, enduring, and healthy civilization. We encourage the repeal of any laws allowing any marriage that is not between one natural man and one natural woman.”

That is what the most committed Republicans in Iowa believe on this issue. That is the position statement Republicans in Iowa choose to include in their party platform.

But Hinson and Miller-Meeks voted for it anyway. Hinson defended her vote, calling homosexual marriage “settled law.” Keep in mind Roe v. Wade (abortion) has been “settled law” for decades. Homosexual marriage was only decided a handful of years ago by the Supreme Court.

Has the Republican Party of Iowa criticized any of the elected Republicans for their votes? No.

Just like they didn’t offer any criticism when Hinson, Miller-Meeks, Feenstra, Ernst and Grassley voted to certify Biden’s win. It’s been a total blackout.

Just like when Chuck Grassley voted for Biden’s infrastructure bill and said that Joe Biden needed a win.

Just like when Joni Ernst voted for the recent gun control legislation.

Just like when Randy Feenstra voted for the 2,741-page, $1.5 trillion omnibus spending bill that attached $13.6 billion for Ukraine, failed to reverse Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates and doubled down on the Green New Deal-style government subsidies for green energy and climate policies.

And now just like when Hinson and Miller-Meeks voted for the redefinition of marriage, repeal of Defense of Marriage Act and put tax status of churches and ministries that follow a biblical definition of marriage at risk.

I get it. RPI’s priority is to raise money and win elections.

But the question that needs to be asked is this…

Is RPI raising money and trying to win elections to keep Feenstra, Hinson, Miller-Meeks, Grassley and Ernst in power or is RPI raising money and trying to win elections to push Republican principles in government?

Are people who contribute money to RPI doing so because they like Feenstra, Hinson, Miller-Meeks, Grassley and Ernst or because they believe in the Republican Party’s platform and ideals?

I understand there is room for disagreement within the Republican ranks on some — if not most — issues. But I also understand that the words of the Republican Party of Iowa’s platform should mean something — especially to the elected Republicans. And especially to the Republican Party of Iowa.

So just who should RPI serve? Who should RPI look out for? Who should RPI “protect?”

Simple. RPI should serve the beliefs and the principles behind the Republican Party — not elected politicians.

Most of the time this shouldn’t be an either/or scenario. Elected Republicans should not be protected by the Party. No, instead the principles and beliefs espoused in the Republican Party of Iowa platform should always be the guiding light for the Republican Party of Iowa.

Why spend hours and hours on the platform if it’s just a piece of paper that RPI doesn’t believe in enough to defend?

It would be nice to see the Republican Party of Iowa and the state central committee back the beliefs of the Party rather than the personalities of the Party when push comes to shove.

Author: Jacob Hall

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  1. Jacob, you are so right on with all your comments. It is exactly all those reasons that many in the RPI don’t even bother to be involved any more. In Washington they vote the way the RPI tells them to vote so they get their campaign money. I support TIS but I will not give a dime to the Republican Party candidates in Iowa. I still call on issues I care about, but never with hope they may actually listen. And as far as voter integrity…I have seen nothing that convinces me it’s fair in Iowa. Thank you for all you write, report on and the truth you expose. It keeps me hopeful that someone still has principles and care about Iowans.

  2. My contributions just dried up for the RPI. Talking out of both sides of your mouth doesn’t get you very far and I’m not listening to any of it any more. Clean up your act first.


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