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Forget for a moment all the policy differences Republicans and Democrats have here in Iowa. Yes, most of the major media outlets in our state are guided by liberals but consider just two details that have emerged from the 2020 Democrat Presidential campaign.

First, some Democrats have wrongly criticized Iowa as not being diverse enough to go first. Nevermind Iowa Democrats lifted Barack Obama to victory in 2008. And forget that Iowa Republicans preferred Herman Cain and Ben Carson at a time in each of their respective runs for office.

Second, many of the 2020 Democrats have advocated abolishing the Electoral College. This is a horrible idea that not only flies in the face of our Constitutional Republic, but it would render Iowa voters relatively meaningless.

What could these media outlets possibly be thinking when they endorse candidates who support one or both of these ideas?

Realize that being both First-in-the-Nation and a swing state when it comes to the Electoral College has a huge benefit to Iowa’s economy.

And this is true for newspapers, TV and radio stations. If Iowa’s vote was irrelevant, the money that is spent campaigning here would be spent elsewhere.

That means less revenue for those same left-wing publications.

Iowa media is spoiled with hundreds of campaign events throughout the state from people aspiring to be President. If we weren’t first and if the Electoral College didn’t exist, those events would be few and far between.

Not only is the media working against its own interest in supporting candidates who hold these positions, but they’re working against our state. Agriculture issues wouldn’t be nearly as important if the Electoral College were gone.

And while the Des Moines Register just endured an embarrassing end to the 2020 Caucus by not being able to relay the results of its final poll, those polls get national attention.

If Iowa weren’t first, would anyone care what the Des Moines Register poll says? Would anyone care who the Des Moines Register endorses?

Well, when is the last time you heard about the Sioux Falls Argus Leader’s endorsement? Or a Lincoln Journal Star poll out of Nebraska?

If left-wing Iowa media outlets want to work against their own self-interest, then fine. As comedian Ron White says, you can’t fix stupid.

But it would be wise for these Iowa media outlets to stop working against Iowans. Their ignorance on these issues is going to hurt the entire state.

And I’d hope that isn’t their goal.

Author: Jacob Hall