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There used to be a time in this Nation when a black man could not use the same bathroom as a white man. America, however, has continuously moved toward the ideals set forth in its founding, equality being one of them. Now, and I am going to use correct medical terms to make my point factually so do not get offended here, anyone with a penis may use whatever men’s bathroom they wish. That is applying the rules equally to everyone, that is equality. When you say that someone with a penis may now use the women’s bathroom, that is creating a special group and giving them special rights above and beyond those of their peers and that is anything but equality.

Living in a small rural town in Iowa with a liberal arts college surrounded by conservative rural residents, you would think that some of the other things this Act attempts to address by giving the LGBTQ community protected status would be present. It is not and quite frankly I think the whole matter is rather overblown as I believe the vast majority of Americans could really care less about what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom.

Many Americans know, work with, are neighbors to and socialize with members of the LGBTQ community, including myself and my friends, and these “problems” are not any issue with us. Those that need to create an emotional reaction to promote the fear and division which is necessary for them to maintain their power are trying to make it an issue for their own selfish reasons. That is pathetic and in direct contradiction to what America is all about.


Author: Thomas Hansen