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Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer toured several minority-owned businesses in the Cedar Valley last week. Thomas Hansen, who is a Republican running to challenge Finkenauer for the seat, issued this response:

“There is nothing that so lifts the human spirit as accomplishment through one’s own efforts. That is why perpetual government welfare programs that keep recipients dependent on the government for their meager existence is tantamount to slavery.

As President Reagan once said “We should not measure the success of welfare programs by how many people are enrolled in them but by how many people get off of them”.

The minority communities have endured over 50 years of Democrats placating them with the promise of a better life if only they would continue to support Democrats and their efforts to lift them up out of poverty.

What in fact has worked over the last two and a half years is Republican, more accurately President Trump’s, efforts to lower taxes, repeal burdensome regulations, and provide incentives for the minority community, and small businesses as a whole, to succeed and expand.

This visit is nothing more than propaganda by the Ubernenschen to distort the actual facts and create some sort of emotional connection between the minority community successes and the Democrats that factually does not exist.”