Harris told to leave health care system alone by nursing home resident

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A visit to a Muscatine nursing home turned into a bit of a tongue-lashing for Sen. Kamala Harris. Harris, one of the many Democrats running for President, was told by a senior resident to leave their health care system alone.

Harris was asked who is going to pay for it, and Harris told the woman we would play for it.

“We don’t want you to mess with it,” the unnamed resident said.

A poll released by Gallup shows 80 percent of Americans rate their quality of health care as excellent or good.

“Iowans understand the real life consequences of policies like Kamala Harris’ ill-conceived plan for the government takeover of health care, which would kick Iowans off their private insurance and raise taxes on the middle-class,” said RNC spokesperson Preya Samsundar. “These are the things that keep Iowans up at night.”

Harris has been accused of flip-flopping on her health care plan. She was the first Democrat to co-sponsor Sen. Bernie Sanders’ government takeover of health care, which would eliminate private insurance. She confirmed her goal of eliminating private insurance during a CNN event. She later walked back her pledge to eliminate private insurance.

At the first Democrat debate, she was one of the candidates to raise their hand when asked if they’d eliminate private insurance. Again, she walked it back following the debate.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall