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We the People are facing a culture war that could destroy the America in which we grew up.

In those long-gone “good old days” laws were obeyed – authority was respected – our schools didn’t try to indoctrinate – they educated. Our parents and grandparents worked to provide food, clothing, and housing.  We placed the highest value on life, our family and friends, our church, and the government.

What happened?

I believe the change began in about 1966 when the counter-culture “hippy” movement gained media attention. Remember “Turn on, tune in, drop out!” The phrase was used by Dr. Timothy Leary, the LSD proponent in an NYC speech in September of 1966. It urged all to embrace cultural change by using psychedelics to detach from the existing conventions of society.

“If it feels good – do it.”

“Don’t let the man keep you down.”

The influence of that generation on our education system is extensive. Many of those who became teachers decided to indoctrinate their beliefs into the next generation. Those who became journalists decided that it was their responsibility to “change the world” into what they believed was far better than that crafted by our brilliant forefathers. Even our religious leaders fell under the influence of the socialists and Marxists.

Equity became more important than equality. Diversity replaced meritocracy. Social studies replaced History. Even math was considered racist and 2+2 could at times be considered 5. The truth was censored as harmful if it offended someone’s feelings.

A conversation between a conservative and a liberal that doesn’t end in a shouting match is a rarity.

Businesses in major cities were burned to the ground in what the media described as “mostly peaceful” demonstrations. The Vice-President of the United States helped raise bail money for those who were arrested. The world has been turned upside down.

Big Tech companies prevent or censor any written or stated thought that doesn’t conform to the left-leaning opinions of the party in control.

Question a highly questionable national election and you could be visited by armed federal agents who once were charged with protecting our great republic from “enemies both foreign and domestic.” The government position appears to be that WE THE PEOPLE are the enemy.

We are now at war with a force so powerful that many of us wonder if America the Beautiful is about to be lost to authoritarian control.

Tuesday, November 6 is the day we can tell the world that there is hope for a future that echoes our past days of glory, peace, and God-based culture.

For our future and that of those, we love – Vote as if your way of life depends on it. Because it does.

Author: Paul Hemmer

Paul Hemmer is a retired radio personality and station owner from Dubuque. He is also a musician, composer/orchestrator and author of “Entertaining Dubuque-The Untold Story,” and a life-long Conservative.


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