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The Iowa Standard reached out to all federal and state legislative candidates to find out where they stand on the idea of defunding police and abolishing both the police and prisons. This idea is supported by Des Moines Black Lives Matter.

Suzanne Herzog is running for U.S. Senate as an Independent candidate.

Here is Herzog’s response:

“In a word- no. I have sat down with many BLM members in Des Moines at one outdoor event that took place in July.  I did not hear anything about police and prison abolition for Des Moines or any other city in the United States while I spent 3-4 hours talking to their members at the event. I have been interviewed by the Cedar Rapids Gazette and KCCI this week so in their future articles and broadcasts, your team may follow my related public comments in more detail.

Your team is likely very aware that Iowa is a very purple state so there is likely no need to foster paranoia about extreme proposals that are never likely to materialize. As a statistician, I can assure you there are more useful stories to pursue. I ran to represent the majority of Iowans – not encourage the loudest extremists on the side of any issue that are co-opting more useful public conversations. I am always receptive to hearing ANYONE’s views. Just don’t see the point of attempts to rally people to the extreme side of any issue.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall