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***This is the third edition of our look at “higher education” in Iowa’s universities. This is just some of what college professors espouse on social media, which begs the question, what is said in the classroom? If you know of other college professors who fit this mold, feel free to let us know at***

On Monday we detailed an Iowa State professor who would title a book about the Trump presidency “Diarrhea: A History of the Republican Party under Trump.” Yesterday we highlighted a University of Iowa professor who is praying that the Coronavirus crisis changes how Americans view socialism.

Today we introduce Sarah Bond, an associate professor of history at the University of Iowa.

Bond suggests that President Donald Trump cares about “everything” more than persons struggling with poverty.

And Trump’s Mexican tariffs weren’t about drugs or immigration. Bond said they were really about racism.

She also referenced Trump rally chants as being grounded in “xenophobia, fear and racism.”

The criticism didn’t end at Trump being racist, but also a misogynist.

Western Civilization is a “dog whistle.”