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Congresswoman Ashley Hinson (IA-01) today renewed her call to increase biofuel blending requirements in transportation fuel to drop prices at the pump and reduce carbon emissions.


“Biofuels are a clean energy solution that can help lower gas prices today. Thedata clearly indicates biofuels have significant environmental benefits, and the financial impact helps family budgets across Iowa every day. This week, I filled up my mini van with E-85 blended fuel and paid almost 80 cents less per gallon than those purchasing regular gasoline. We need to make ag-based fuel options widely available at gas stations across the country to bring down costs at the pump and help lower carbon emissions.” -Congresswoman Ashley Hinson

Author: Press Release

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  1. https://www.edmunds.com/fuel-economy/e85-vs-gasoline-comparison-test.html

    Oh boy, I paid 80 cents less per gallon.
    But I had to use 20 to 28% more gallons to get there…
    And how much do taxpayers pay per gallon to subsidize turning corn to ethanol?

    But E85 is so much cleaner.
    By a mere 0.5% per gallon burned, and I burned 20% more gas to make the trip…

    Burning food for fuel is good for corn farmers.
    But we pay more to eat corn, as well as feeding it to livestock cost more…
    But if ethanol is so clean, why are we building 1500 miles of pipeline for billions and paying $50 per metric ton to transport and bury liquified CO2?

    If farmers are having record bumper crops lately, it is because plants breathe CO2 and exhale O2. So what happens when we remove tons and tons of CO2 that plants need from the air they breathe? Will we have to gin up another subsidy to assist farmers who no longer have bumper yields?

    Don’t be silly, we’ll have to shut down farms due to combustion engined cars making way for electric vehicles. And turn those formerly fertile family farmlands into wind and solar farms owned by corporations.

    All in accordance with Agenda 2020, 2030 and 2050 and who knows what else, but we will be made to bend the knee to the god of climate change and the new world order. Unless we wake up and reject the false god, false science and politicans that won’t obey and uphold the Constitution. Subsidies are an illegal theft of the people’s money to be used to reward cronies.

    No different than Nathan’s parable of the rich man that seized a poor man’s sheep in order to feed and entertain his guests, instead of using his own sheep.


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