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Congresswoman Ashley Hinson told reporters on Friday that she was grateful for the National Guard members who helped keep the peace in Washington D.C. last week during the inauguration.

Hinson attended the ceremony and “felt completely safe and privileged to be able to take part” in the inauguration ceremony of President Joe Biden.

She renewed her pledge to find common ground with the administration in an effort to work on behalf of Iowans. She joined a letter with some of her freshman colleagues to congratulate Biden and offer to work with him on issues that matter to Iowans.

“People are sick of partisan gridlock in Washington D.C.,” she said.

However, she also knows there will remain areas of disagreement.

“I plan to not back down from those fights as well,” she said. “But I will engage in them respectfully.”

Hinson highlighted Biden’s desire for a $15 minimum wage. She said that would “decimate” Iowa’s rural economy and hurt Iowa businesses.

She has additional concerns with some of Biden’s executive orders which could help advance policies like the Green New Deal and tax hikes.

As for an immediate policy ask, Hinson was critical of the Trump administration’s granting of small refinery exemption waivers “at the very last minute on the way out the door.” Hinson noted that the Trump administration promised not to grant those waivers, but they did.

“In my opinion, that was a slap in the face to the biofuels producers here in Iowa,” she said. “(The Biden administration) has the opportunity to right this wrong.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall