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An open letter to Iowa legislators:

Do you think it’s OK for someone to trespass, break and enter, steal your property?

Is the below incident any different if someone broke into your home, claimed you weren’t ‘properly’ caring for your pet and stole it?  What about your children via DHS?

Would you look forward to going to trial to get justice and the criminal receive punishment according to the law?

How would you feel, if suddenly, just before trial, your lawyer dropped all charges with a puzzling excuse?


Hint.  Those of us that have been involved in animal seizure cases to one degree or another, know the suggestive persuasion methods that can be involved.

And future results.  AKA cut a deal and you’ll be safe.  AKA got a bridge to sell you.   Link to the latest. https://iowacapitaldispatch.com/2022/01/18/prosecutor-dismisses-charges-on-eve-of-ag-gag-trial/?fbclid=IwAR24gIDm1uRfb31qup1G3D20zlYRyDUdMPpe4NPHBVbdg1rGvlruQpDlS50

Were your inalienable, Constitutionally guaranteed rights protected?

Does it give you confidence in the ‘justice’ system?

Do you feel safe in your home and property after your Fourth Amendment rights were violated and stomped on?

Do agree you should throw away your Constitutional right to your private property so someone else can break the law with trespass and theft?

Do you now believe what dog breeders have been trying to tell you for years?  That they were the practice, technique perfecting element?  Agriculture is the bullseye.

Do you now understand the eyerolls, whispers, the snickers behind our backs were denials of reality?  We knew the truth.  We knew what was coming to you, agriculture.  You ignored our warnings.

Do you understand the attitude of too big to fail is a very false sense of security?  The shared ideology of HSUS, ASPCA, PETA, DxE took down giants like the Ringling Bros. and Sea World.

Do you realize that these groups also work through the United States Dept. of Agriculture, Environmental Protection Agency, Dept. of Natural Resources,  even the Iowa Dept. of Agriculture???

Do you even have a clue how dangerous qualified immunity is in the back the blue bill, if you have been targeted by an animal zealot or group?  Have you watched law enforcement or other gov’t officials lie under oath, write false depositions, issue search warrants based on mere opinion and false information?  Judges ignoring the rule of law and making up their own laws and courtroom rules?  There are those of us that have observed and have resources proving as such.  Think about this coercive statement by Rep. Klein, “If you don’t vote for this bill then you don’t back law enforcement.”  Or something to that effect.   That, is low.   Gutter low.  o accuse people of not backing law enforcement when they rightly question some blatantly  UNconstitutional issues.

Do you understand how the fear manipulation via threats of smear campaigns is wildly successful against sheriff’s, judges, prosecutors, legislators?    How many legislators have had the whispers and the not so whispers, in the ear that if you vote against a bill with strangulating regulations, penalties harsher than for crimes against humans, and pet sales bans, that you hate animals and don’t want them protected.

Or how about Rep. Maxwell with his, “If you don’t vote for this bill, then you don’t like your animals very well.”  Or something to that effect regarding the veterinary immunity bill (HF 623)

https://www.legis.iowa.gov/legislation/BillBook?ga=89&ba=HF623   That’s gutter low, too, Rep. Maxwell.

Pretty sad when legislators stoop to this utterly disgusting shaming tactic.  That should be a huge red flag wildly flapping that something isn’t quite kosher in the bill.

Speaking of veterinary immunity.  It ties in directly to qualified immunity as previously stated.   When both law enforcement and veterinarians are basically given a ticket to lie without any consequence, it’s a huge double whammy against an animal owner.  ANY animal owner.  Good luck in the courtroom.  Or under the UNlawful, UNconstitutional administrative law.

One legislator told me their legal team basically poo pooed this statement.  Sorry.  You poo pooed the wrong thing.  Others and I speak from the experiences of reality.  The real world.

So legislators.  What are you going to do to protect your constituents’ property rights as guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment?  What about YOUR rights?

Want some truth based on researched, resourced facts?   I’d be very happy to share some info with you.

Oh, one more thing.  There are those that tread your halls that have and will poo poo  me. That’s cool. Been called lot of things. LOL

  • Betsy Fickel

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