Honor Flight for war-time veterans requires COVID vaccine or negative test

It was hard to believe when I first heard about it, but yes, it is true. In order for people to participate in an Honor Flight, they need — you guessed it — a COVID vaccine or a negative COVID test within 72 hours of the flight.

These flights, mind you, are for veterans who served during war time.

And this has been the policy for a while.

According to Carol Harlow, the organization announced its vaccine requirement last April. Flights were resumed Aug. 18. Participants are required to be fully vaccinated prior to the flight or show a negative PCR test within 72 hours of departure.

Those who are interested but not meeting the requirements are invited to join the group’s waitlist.

The Iowa Standard heard from one individual who was only aware of the vaccine requirement and not the ability to provide a negative test.

That could be due to the fact that the organization’s April statement on the policy once flights resume has the subheading of:

“Vaccination will be required for 2021 trips once travel resumes.”

And it could be the fact that a negative test is never mentioned in the release.

“All Honor Flight participants will be required to be vaccinated to participate in an Honor Flight trip in 2021. Honor Flight is implementing these requirements for the health and safety of all participants.”

Honor Flight trips have been described as “the experience of a lifetime” for veterans who are taken to Washington D.C. to experience the memorials built in their honor. All transportation costs are covered by Honor Flight.

It is really sad and really unfortunate that these heroes are being kept from participating in this experience unless they comply with the medical demands.

Also of note, why do only unvaccinated individuals have to provide a negative test result? It is well established that those who have been vaccinated are just as likely to contract the virus.