A bill addressing funding of abortion will be in subcommittee today in the Iowa House. Sports betting and fantasy sports will also make another stop in subcommittee.

HF 227: House File 227 was filed by Rep. Jacob Bossman. It’s an act creating exemptions from the computation of net income for the individual income tax amounts paid to a child or dependent care provider.

HF 375: House File 375 was filed by Rep. Brian Best. It’s an act relating to the expansion of the newborn metabolic screening panel.

HF 332: House File 332 was filed by Rep. Jeff Shipley. It’s an act relating to the practice of alternative and complementary medicine. It has eight cosponsors.

HF 268: House File 268 was filed by Rep. Ashley Hinson. It’s an act requiring the Department of Management to establish and operate a searchable internet site containing budget, audit and financial information of school districts.

HF 395: House File 395 was filed by Rep. Skyler Wheeler. It’s an act relating to pretrial contact between a prosecuting witness who is a minor and the defendant.

HSB 154: House Study Bill 154 was proposed by Rep. Jarad Klein. It’s an act relating to the operation of authorized emergency vehicles and snow plows.

HF 330: House File 330 was filed by Rep. Jacob Bossman. It’s an act relating to certain workforce training programs administered by community colleges and tuition assistance.

HF 285: House File 285 was filed by Rep. Andy McKean. It’s an act relating to certain political communications and voluntary ethics statements.

HF 425: House File 425 was proposed by the Education Committee. It’s an act relating to school funding by modifying provisions relating to the collection of sales tax for deposit in the Secure an Advanced Vision for Education fund.

HSB 176: House Study Bill 176 was proposed by Rep. Steven Holt. It’s an act relating to maximum allowable expenses for the ordinary and necessary living expenses of a mother relative to termination of parental rights and adoption proceedings.

HSB 173: House Study Bill 173 was proposed by Rep. Ross Paustian. It’s an act providing for a beginning farmer tax credit program.

HSB 170: House Study Bill 170 was proposed by Rep. Bobby Kaufmann. It’s an act related to allowable annual salaries for deputy county auditors in charge of election administration.

HF 257: House File 257 was filed by Rep. Sandy Salmon. It’s an act relating to the distribution of certain funds for abortions. It has 16 cosponsors.

HF 435: House File 435 was filed by Rep. Joel Fry. It’s an act relating to the release of certain confidential information by the Department of Human Services to multidisciplinary teams.

HF 318: House File 318 was filed by Rep. Anne Osmundson. It’s an act relating to commercial fishing to remove underused, undesirable and injurious organisms from waters of the state.

HSB 198: House Study Bill 198 was proposed by Rep. Bobby Kaufmann. It’s an act relating to sports gambling and wagering, by providing for fantasy sports contests and sports betting, providing for taxes and fees, making penalties applicable and including implementation.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall