Representative Steven Holt proposed a bill of interest that will have its day in subcommittee on Tuesday. It will modify how much one has to bring criminal actions for sexual offenses against a minor. There’s also a bill that addresses clerks of court as well as a bill that would prohibit pyramid schemes.

HSB 26: House Study Bill 26 was filed by Rep. Steven Holt. It’s an act modifying the periods of time to bring criminal actions for sexual offenses against a minor. Current law specifies the indictment or information for such sexual abuse offenses be found within 10 years of the sexually abused person attaining 18 years of age or within three years after being identified by DNA evidence. This bill says criminal information or indictment may be commenced at any time after the commission of the offense.

HSB 8: House Study Bill 8 was proposed by the Judicial branch. It relates to clerks of court, including the number of counties in which a clerk may serve and residency requirements.

HSB 5: House Study Bill 5 was filed by Rep. Gary Carlson. It is an act relating to franchisor-franchisee relationships for the purposes of certain employment laws.

HSB 28: House Study Bill 28 was introduced by Rep. Steven Holt. It’s an act relating to postconviction relief procedure and the underlying trial court record of the proceedings challenged.

HSB 17: House Study Bill 17 was proposed by Rep. Cecil Dolecheck. It’s an act relating to assessment scores set by the Department of Education for successful completion of a practitioner preparation program and for initial teacher licensure and providing for related matters.

HSB 4: House Study Bill 4 was proposed by Rep. Gary Carlson. It’s an act prohibiting pyramid promotional schemes.

HF 4: House File 4 was filed by Rep. Megan Jones. It’s an act relating to the assessment of fees when a public defender or designee requests copies for certain documents.

HF 1: House File 1 was filed by Rep. Dean Fisher. It’s an act prohibiting the provision or use of false or misleading caller identification information to certain persons.