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HSB 212: House Study Bill 212 was proposed by Rep. Jarad Klein. It’s an act providing notice of appeal rights relating to veterans preference.

HF 542: House File 542 was filed by Rep. David Sieck. It’s an act relating to the acquisition of land by certain governmental entities.

Certain state entities must keep a list of real and personal property belonging to the state under the entity’s charge, control and management. The bill requires each entity to update the entity’s inventory at least once every two years and to make the list available online to the public.

HF 33: House File 33 was filed by Rep. Mary Wolfe. It’s an act relating to the purchase and registration of motor vehicles during periods of impoundment, immobilization or driver’s license revocation resulting from certain operating-while-intoxicated offenses.

HSB 211: House Study Bill 211 was filed by Rep. Steven Holt. It’s an act relating to the Iowa Municipal Tort Claims Act by limiting the personal liability of an employee unless that employee’s actions constitute willful and wanton misconduct.

HSB 217: House Study Bill 217 was filed by Rep. Rob Bacon. It’s an act prohibiting the use of unmanned vehicles to disturb, pursue, fish, or hunt wild animals.

HSB 225: House Study Bill 225 was filed by Rep. Gary Carlson. It’s an act modifying provisions applicable to certain service contract providers regulated by the commissioner of insurance.

HF 229: House File 229 was filed by Rep. Dave Jacoby. It’s an act allowing the formation of certain for-profit corporations as benefit corporations authorized to do business in this state under certain conditions.

HF 453: House File 453 was filed by Rep. Megan Jones. It’s an act excluding certain temporary employment by governmental entities from eligibility for unemployment insurance and including applicability provisions.

HF 459: House File 459 was filed by Rep. Vicki Lensing. It’s an act relating to operational requirements for the Iowa Public Information Board.

HF 466: House File 466 was filed by Rep. Amy Nielsen. It’s an act establishing processes for voter approval of a proposition to require a township to provide emergency medical service and for voter approval of a higher additional annual property tax levy rate for the provision of township services.

HSB 216: House Study Bill 216 was filed by Rep. Rob Bacon. It’s an act prohibiting the discharge of a weapon from a motor vehicle.

HSB 209: House Study Bill 209 was filed by Rep. Steven Holt. It’s an act relating to business entities, by providing for different types of limited liability companies and the dissolution of limited liability companies.

HF 561: House File 561 was filed by Rep. Louis Zumbach. It’s an act providing for the compensation of losses due to the installation of a pipeline on agricultural land.

HSB 213: House Study Bill 213 was filed by Rep. Cecil Dolecheck. It’s an act modifying and establishing charter school programs.

HSB 220: House Study Bill 220 was filed by Rep. Gary Carlson. It’s an act relating to the use of gasification and pyrolysis facilities for the conversion of certain recoverable waste materials.