House Happenings — Gun bill in Iowa House subcommittee today, smart meters will be discussed

House subcommittees deal with many different issues on Wednesday. Registration fees for snowmobiles would double with one bill. A bill involving gun possession is up as well as smart meters.

HSB 136: House Study Bill 136 was proposed by Rep. Steven Holt. It’s an act relating to nonsubstantive Code corrections.

HF 335: House File 335 was filed by Rep. MaryAnn Hanusa. It’s an act relating to the filing of nomination papers by persons seeking nomination by a nonparty political organization.

This bill changes the filing deadline for nomination papers of person seeking to be a nonparty political organization’s candidate for elected office. It changes the deadlines for filing nomination papers and objections to the same deadline that is applied to persons seeking to be a political party’s candidate.

HSB 164: House Study Bill 164 was filed by Rep. Pat Grassley. It’s an act relating to the state budget process.

HSB 79: House Study Bill 79 was proposed by the College Student Aid Commission. It’s an act relating to requirements for eligibility under the All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship program.

HSB 166: House Study Bill 166 was filed by Rep. Shannon Lundgren. It’s an act requesting the establishment of an interim study committee relating to the impact of state assistance program income restriction guidelines.

HSB 119: House Study Bill 119 was filed by Rep. Bobby Kaufmann. It’s an act repealing the requirement that a groundwater hazard statement be submitted with each declaration of value that is submitted to a county recorder in order to grant, assign, transfer, or convey real property.

HF 340: House File 340 was filed by Rep. Cecil Dolecheck. It’s an act providing for the designation of a lay caregiver relating to a patient’s inpatient stay at a hospital.

HSB 160: House Study Bill 160 was proposed by the Iowa Economic Information Board. It’s an act relating to governmental bodies and advisory bodies and public notice requirements under the open meetings law.

HSB 163: House Study Bill 163 was proposed by Rep. Rob Bacon. It’s an act allowing a crossbow as a legal method of take during the late split archery season.

HF 161: House File 161 was filed by Rep. John Wills. It’s an act relating to subject and performance-based assessments administered prior to a student’s completion of a practitioner preparation program.

HSB 104: House Study Bill 104 was filed by Rep. Rob Bacon. It’s an act relating to snowmobile user permits and registration fees.

HSB 144: House Study Bill 144 was proposed by the State Public Defender. It’s an act relating to payments from the indigent defense fund by the state public defender for costs incurred by a privately retained attorney representing an indigent person.

HSB 99: House Study Bill 99 was proposed by Rep. Bobby Kaufmann. It’s an act relating to the property tax levy for the payment of general obligation bonds issued by cities for certain flood-related purposes.

HF 408: House File 408 was filed by Rep. Megan Jones. It’s an act relating to indeterminate sentences for Class D felonies.

HSB 153: House Study Bill 153 was proposed by the Dental Board. It’s an act relating to the practice of dentistry.

HSB 159: House Study Bill 159 was proposed by Rep. Shannon Lundgren. It’s an act relating to continuing education requirements for certain professions.

HF 259: House File 259 was filed by Rep. Matt Windschitl. It’s an act relating to the carrying, possession, or transportation of weapons on school grounds, at places of employment, at certain entertainment venues owned or operated by a political subdivision, and in county courthouses.

HF 154: House File 154 was filed by Rep. Jeff Shipley. It’s an act relating to customer choice regarding the installation of certain public utility meters.