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HSB 241: House Study Bill 241 was proposed by Rep. Ross Paustian. It’s an act relating to hemp.

HF 511: House File 511 was filed by the Judiciary Committee. It’s an act relating to the application fee and annual fee imposed for nonassistance child support cases.

HF 571: House File 571 was filed by Rep. Norlin Mommsen. It’s an act relating to the management of soil and water resources.

HSB 204: House Study Bill 204 was proposed by the governor. It’s an act creating an empower rural Iowa Act to provide incentives for broadband and workforce housing.

HF 455: House File 455 was filed by Rep. Chuck Isenhart and Rep. Lindsay James. It’s an act relating to human trafficking prevention training by providing for certification of lodging providers who have voluntarily completed training and prohibiting the use of public funds to procure lodging, facilities or services from noncertified lodging providers.

HSB 238: House Study Bill 238 was proposed by Rep. Shannon Lundgren. It’s an act relating to the dispensing fee for partially dispensed prescriptions.

HF 216: House File 216 was filed by Rep. Dean Fisher. It’s an act concerning county supervisor representation plans.

HSB 242: House Study Bill 242 was proposed by Rep. Steven Holt. It’s an act relating to the responsibilities of a guardian ad litem for a minor child.

HF 504: House File 504 was filed by Rep. Liz Bennett. It’s an act relating to the health education requirement for grades 9-12 under the education standards.

HF 574: House File 574 was filed by Rep. Ray Sorensen. It’s an act relating to the offer and teach requirements under the educational standards.

HF 575: House File 575 was filed by Rep. Ray Sorensen. It’s an act providing for training and other procedures relating to student seizures for public and accredited nonpublic schools.

HSB 240: House Study Bill 240 was proposed by Rep. Bobby Kaufmann. It’s an act relating to the process of adopting county comprehensive plans and zoning restrictions.

HF 563: House File 563 was filed by Rep. Sharon Steckman. It’s an act requiring the boards of directors of school districts to appoint student liaisons to the boards.

HF 621: House File 621 was filed by Rep. Jon Jacobsen. It’s an act relating to personal injury to a viable fetus.

HF 354: House File 354 was filed by Rep. Sandy Salmon. It’s an act relating to licensing sanctions for certain governmental debts by restricting use of social security numbers.

HF 612: House File 612 was filed by Rep. Molly Erin Donahue. It’s an act relating to career and technical education unit requirements for school districts under the educational standards.

HSB 228: House Study Bill 228 was proposed by Rep. Jarad Klein. It’s an act establishing a length of service award program for volunteer fire fighters, concerning income tax deductions for volunteer fire fighters, making an appropriation and including effective date provisions.

HF 512: House File 512 was proposed by the Environmental Protection Committee. It’s an act relating to fee programs for permittee participation in lieu of required compensatory mitigation of stream and wetland impacts.

HF 179: House File 179 was filed by Rep. Matt Windschitl. It’s an act relating to firearms requirements for hunting deer.