Floor debate will encompass much of Monday’s activity in the Iowa House. Bills scheduled for the floor include:

SF 220: Senate File 220 is an act relating to the increased expensing allowance deduction by corporations, financial institutions, and partnerships and limited liability companies taxed as corporations.

HF 263: House File 263 is an act relating to application fees for certain consumer loans.

HF 426: House File 426 is an act relating to the insurance fraud bureau, criminal history checks for licenses granted by the insurance division, and resolving inconsistencies.

HJR 12: House Joint Resolution 12 is a resolution authorizing the temporary sale of merchandise at a toy benefit for Iowa children on the state capitol complex grounds.

HF 481: House File 481 is an act relating to the operation of motor vehicles in the left-most lane of certain roadways. The bill passed committee 19-2.

HF 482: House File 482 is an act relating to Department of Transportation employees designated as peace officers. The bill passed out of committee 21-0.

HF 487: House File 487 is an act related to installations of certain wireless telecommunications infrastructure in the state.

HF 514: House File 514 is an act allowing certain operating-while-intoxicated offenders to be sentenced as habitual offenders. It passed committee 21-0.

HF 594: House File 594 is an act relating to limitations regarding the withdrawal of a life-sustaining procedure from a minor child. The bill passed out of committee 12-9.

HF 610: House File 610 is an act relating to the opening of guardianships for adults and conservatorships for adults and minors and the administration of guardianships and conservatorships. The bill passed committee 19-0.

HF 649: House File 649 is an act relating to an offense involving trespass to agricultural production facilities. It passed 21-2.