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Tony Perkins, the President of the Family Research Council, shared the following examples of how President Joe Biden has used the federal government to issue different decrees from multiple cabinet departments to push the transgender agenda:

  • Department of Education — President Biden issued an executive order aimed at obliterating the Title IX protections for women and girls’ sports. Under this order, biological males identifying as female would be allowed to compete in women and girls’ sports, shattering the hopes and dreams of aspiring female athletes. The Department of Education has been all too quick to begin taking steps to implement these executive orders.
  • Department of Justice — DOJ issued a memo applying the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent Bostock v. Clayton ruling that redefined “sex discrimination” in the context of employment law — to Title IX giving more backing to the actions by the Department of Education.
  • Housing and Urban Development — HUD issued an announcement that it was redefining “sex.” Thus, the homeless shelters run or funded by HUD must now accept anyone on the basis of their claimed gender identity — forcing abused women and children to accept being in close quarters with biological males who identify as women.
  • Department of Defense — One of Joe Biden’s first acts as president was prioritizing gender identity ideology and social experimentation over military readiness, lethality, unit cohesion, and morale.
  • Health and Human Services — The Biden administration, like the Obama administration, removed conscience clauses for religious hospitals and staff, requiring them to perform abortions and “sex reassignment” surgeries against their religious beliefs and professional, science-based opinions. The order is being challenged in court as it was during the Obama years.
  • Department of State — President Biden issued an Executive Order that the State Department should not only prioritize, but push the LGBT agenda abroad. In June, which the LGBT lobby has designated “pride month,” the Biden administration authorized all U.S. embassies around the world to fly the rainbow “pride flag” prominently alongside our beloved stars and stripes.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission — President Biden’s hand-picked chair of the EEOC, Charlotte Burrows, issued a warning or what is technically called “guidance” to businesses to allow transgenders to use the bathroom, locker rooms, and showers of their declared gender. The “guidance” also warns businesses would be in violation of the law if they do not use transgendered individuals’ “preferred pronouns.”

During the campaign, Biden called transgender equality the “civil rights issue of our time.” He added that there is “no room for compromise.”

Perkins said it wasn’t political posturing, it was a pledge to “force the radical transgender agenda on every American — starting with our children.”

“The moment he stepped into the Oval Office, Joe Biden began reversing the pro-faith, pro-family, pro-freedom policies achieved during the Trump Administration and launched the most radical transgender policy agenda in American history,” Perkins wrote. “The effects have already been disastrous. Countless women and children have been put at risk by Joe Biden’s radical agenda. Over 300 gender clinics have popped up across America, seeking to cash in on vulnerable youth struggling with their identity, many of whom has suffered childhood trauma.”