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Every time I hear the media talk about Democrat participation in this year’s elections spiking over the Dobbs decision I feel for the Left.

What motivates us is very important. Whatever it is that motivates us really does say a lot. Finding out what it is that drives someone to actually get up off the couch and up on their feet to accomplish something is a big challenge.


And the idea that, for many Democrats, nothing motivates them more than continuing the killing of unborn babies is really, really, really sad.

And let’s be clear, that is what abortion is. Abortion isn’t an ugly word. It doesn’t bring about the same emotions as simply saying what abortion is. Abortion, as we know, is the intentional ending of a human being’s life.

It’s killing. It’s murder. It’s bloodshed.

It is so much more than “abortion.”

It definitely isn’t “health care.” It should never be considered “normal.”

For women who have been in a position where they felt abortion was necessary — or their best choice — I feel for them. Hopefully, their firsthand experience changed them and how they view abortion.

Some of the most pro-life people I know were people who previously had abortions.

And that’s OK because that is life. You live and you learn. And thankfully, we can all be forgiven.

But the idea that the primary motivation for Democrats across this country to vote in November is the fact that the intentional ending of a human being’s life may no longer be legal is disturbing.

The idea that abortion, the intentional taking of an innocent unborn baby’s life, is ironically on life support and that fact is the difference between some people voting and some people staying home is scary.

What does this say about those folks? What does it say about their values?

Nothing good.

Thankfully, though, those folks too can be forgiven. It is sad so many advocate for the continued legal killing of unborn babies, but my hope is they realize the error in that position before it is too late.

I’d like them to realize it sooner than later, but at some point I hope for their sake they see it — because it is painfully obvious — life begins at conception and we shouldn’t kill unborn babies in the name of “choice.”

I know emotions run high on the issue. I know for many people it is a deeply personal issue. I get that. Even as a guy, I get it.

But I just really want those who believe their hill to die on is the continued legal killing of unborn babies to reflect on what it is they are supporting.

They can call it abortion in an effort to keep it dressed up and nice. But the reality is it is the intentional ending of a human being’s life.

Keeping that legal shouldn’t be what drives kind, compassionate people. Quite the opposite.

Let’s hope that for some, at least a handful, their motivations change through prolonged thought and prayer over just exactly what abortion is.

It is an indictment of the Democrat Party that its biggest motivation for voters is the continued, legal, intentional ending of an unborn human being’s life.

I hope, genuinely, some of those who are motivated by Dobbs instead find their motivation in saving babies, not the intentional killing of them.

Author: Jacob Hall

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