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From President Donald J. Trump:

From the right: Vlad’s Plan — and How To Stop Him


“For all his caginess,” Vladimir Putin is “more or less predictable,” argues Victor Davis Hanson at American Greatness. His aim? To “reclaim the prestige and power of the former Soviet Union.” How does he accomplish that? “First, Putin moves on neighboring former Soviet republics when the world price of oil is high, and his coffers are full. So he went into Georgia in 2008 and into Eastern Ukraine and Crimea in 2014.” Second, when we appear weak and eager to appease, he’s “emboldened.” Third, “when NATO is in disarray,” he turns aggressive. Still, there are ways to deter him, such as by pumping lots of oil, prodding NATO to bolster its defenses and Germany to stop enriching” him and ending appeasement.

From the left: A New Message Won’t Save the Party

“All sides” agree that Democrats are “losing the culture war,” moans Jeff Greenfield at Politico. But “a simple shift in messaging” won’t be enough to save them in November; it’ll take “deeds, not words,” to fend off a “disaster.” And Dems’ “internal debate” provides more cause for “skepticism”: Their ideas for dealing with inflation and crime, for example, “don’t sound likely to have voters responding: ‘Oh… okay, never mind.’ ” A change in “rhetorical tools” matters less than a focus on “events on the ground”: If “masks come off and schools stay open, if inflation is tempered, if the spike in crime fades . . . if there are significant infrastructure projects” to celebrate, that will “spawn effective ‘messaging’ ” — not clever “catch phrases.”

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