HYPOCRITE ALERT: Sen. Bisignano displays incredible amount of hypocrisy at special session – Condemns partisanship after calling Trump supporters ‘ignorant’

Democrat State Sen. Tony Bisignano will likely win the aware for biggest hypocrite during debate on the redistricting maps discussed during Tuesday’s special legislative session.

Bisignano criticized opposition to the maps and said partisanship is “killing the country.”

“None of us sits home in the evening and say, ‘you know what, I think people are happy with the way everything is going,'” he said. “The partisanship is killing this country. The partisanship is killing this body.”

He also said the partisanship is killing neighborhoods, friendships and communities. He said he’s been in politics for a long time and has never been in a phase like this where we are “cutting to the bone” in politics with friends, neighbors and family.

Quick, someone, get a mirror.

Remember, it was Bisignano who said he made a New Year’s Resolution to not argue with Trump supporters because they are so “ignorant.”

Democrat State Senator makes New Year’s resolution not to argue with Trump supporters because they’ll never realize how ‘ignorant’ they are

“Trump didn’t respect the office. That’s where it starts. No one in history has pulled this election overthrow sh*t. He knows he lost fairly. This is the game to him. Our democracy depends on Americans trusting our elections or we go the way of Latin American countries. This is a coup any way you want to look at it. It’s criminal, but most appalling is he’s open about it.”

Bisignano said he made a New Year’s resolution for 2021.

“Don’t argue with Trumper’s because they will never realize how ignorant they are,” he said.

When Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani tested positive for COVID, Bisignano called it “karma.”

“Isn’t it great to live in a country where you can travel and expose thousands of people to COVID trying to destroy democracy. Then have the greatest medical care waiting for you when karma hits. Four Seasons Hospital would be appropriate!”

Bisignano has called President Trump a “threatening nut job.”

“Republicans are sitting by watching this lunatic terrorize anyone in his way,” he wrote. “He has taken your party hostage and is trying to destroy our democratic elections and you stand in fear and denial…You have contributed to the greatest stain on our American presidency.”

Bisignano posted a link to a story about flight attendants dealing with “Trump rioters.” He hinted that Trump supporters are “ignorant, obnoxious, dangerous and deplorable.”

Bisignano says that President Trump just “says whatever pops in his mind. Usually a lie, but most times it’s stupidity.”

It turns out Tony Bisignano is more than guilty of the partisanship he claims is killing the country, the Iowa Senate, families, neighborhoods and friendships.

Author: Jacob Hall


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