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How many times did you hear that YOU were going to have a chance to “save America” with your vote in 2022?

Want a jolt of irony today? Guess who said this at a GOP rally in Johnson County in October…

“We didn’t think we’d have to continue to defend religious freedom, but we do.”

If your guess was Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, you got it! She said this a few months after voting for the (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act. And, two months before voting for it again. The bill puts religious freedom in peril for any organization that believes in marriage.

It got even richer from Miller-Meeks…

“I’ve said it every time I’ve ever run — this is the most important election of our lifetime. This one is. Because what’s at stake are our standards, our values, and even more than that, it’s the soul of America.”

And just to top it all off…

“These people are hellbent on destroying the family.”

Yeah. That all came from Miller-Meeks, who voted for the (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act multiple times.

Listen, if we’re relying on Mariannette Miller-Meeks to defend our religious liberty and save our country, we’re screwed. Last one out better shut off the lights, because she isn’t the answer to defending the “soul of America.”

The truth of the matter is if America truly gets “saved,” it will come from the church, not Congress. It will start in the pulpits, not the podiums of politicians.

I say over and over that we will get better representation when we put more effort into picking our representation. The same goes for the church.

This is 2022. There’s a crap ton of crazy going on in the culture. Take your pick.

*Boys in girls’ sports.

*Boys in girls’ bathrooms.

*”Minor attracted persons” being “born that way” and being perfectly OK as long as they don’t act on their attraction, all so we can “destigmatize” pedophilia.

*An entire political party that finds its motivation in the continued legal killing of unborn babies.

*Pornographic materials being defended and kept on the shelves of school libraries.

*Kids at drag shows.

*Transitioning boys to girls and girls to boys.

*A public school system that is systemically indoctrinating children on a daily basis.

*Teachers ask students for preferred pronouns and promise to keep them secret from parents.

*Religious liberty under assault.

That list could go on. And on. And on.

If you go to church, have you heard your pastor speak out against any of these things from the pulpit? Against two of them? Three? Four? All of them?

Is your church supporting parents in their efforts to either homeschool children or send children to private school?

We cannot keep sending our kids to Caeser and be surprised when they come back as Romans. Perhaps your church could start its own hybrid school during the week?

Is the elder board at your church or church leadership team united against all of those things listed above? Is it supporting the pastor to speak out on these things?

All of those things are happening. All of them. And while we so often look to politicians in capital buildings for the solutions, have we forgotten where wisdom and leadership should start?

If we had more bold, courageous and outspoken pastors, might we have more bold, courageous and outspoken politicians?

I haven’t done a study, but I’m guessing the bold, courageous and outspoken politicians also have pretty bold, courageous and outspoken pastors in their lives. That’s just a guess.

Our society is at a breaking point. A society cannot “agree to disagree” on things as basic as what is a boy and what is a girl. We can’t “agree to disagree” on whether pornographic materials should be in school libraries.

Remember…”Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

There is plenty of blame to go around. It is the fault of pastors, seminaries, elder boards, churchgoers, etc. It’s the fault of dads who get more excited for a University of Iowa football game on Saturday than they do church on Sunday. Dads who can tell you more about the Iowa quarterback situation than they can their third-grader’s school curriculum.

We’re in bad shape. Our culture is reflective of our church. One follows the other. And our church has allowed for enough comfort that we have boys dressing up like girls and girls transitioning to be boys and sexually obscene materials in school libraries and innocent unborn babies being killed in the name of choice.

And our society rolls on as though everything is just fine. Ho hum.

If your pastor and your church are not speaking out on these things, what is the point of your church and what is the purpose of your pastor’s calling? If they refuse to publicly condemn, call out, stand against and fight against this “progressive” turn toward evil, what good are they?

And if you continue to sit through services where these things are ignored in a building that doesn’t even find unity in being against this wicked path of destruction — what good are you?

None of us is perfect. I get it. We all screw up on a daily basis. But gosh darn, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, right? Look at what they are doing to our most prized possessions — our kids.

The only thing that will “live on” after we die (God willing). And we’re letting it happen. We used to let it happen slowly, but the pace has picked up here in the last 10-15 years it seems.

I invite any and all pastors to submit a column or letter to the editor or heck their sermon notes to The Iowa Standard as often or as little as they’d like. I’d love to find 12 pastors willing to write one column per month and send it to [email protected]

My hope is others will read those pieces and ask themselves, “hey, if this pastor can say this stuff publicly, why can’t mine?”

Courage begets courage. Any follower of God has it, now is the time to unleash it.

One wouldn’t imagine that it could get much worse than this, but not only can it get worse, but it will get worse if we don’t stand up and say no. No more. No more damaging our children from the inside out.

You voted to save America a month ago here in Iowa. You have six Republicans in Congress out of six seats. Four of them supported the (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act. Another one voted against it, but said he supports continued recognition of same-sex marriage. And another one voted against it but hasn’t said a word publicly about why.

Your votes aren’t saving America. At best they’ll slow us down on our path to destruction.

We have big problems and we need solutions that are much bigger than any solution they may come up with in Des Moines or Washington D.C.

The honest truth is we need revival, not an election.

We need bold, courageous men in the pulpits once again willing to speak up and speak out no matter the cost. And we have to be bold, courageous followers who back those men no matter what so long as what they are saying is good and true.

May we all do our roles a bit better in the days, weeks and months ahead. May we yearn for an opportunity to do more to “save America” than simply fill in a ballot.

Author: Jacob Hall


  1. I believe that your correct Jacob. That was a great article. My Pastor is Dr Chuck Baldwin at Liberty Fellowship. Kalispell, MT . He didn’t shut his physical service down and did not require masks. I attend online and he is not a weak pastor. Check him out online.

    I live in the Cedar Valley and on Easter Sunday 2020, I would have attended any Christian Church that was open that day. Not a single one.

  2. I too have found my local churches proven to be “non-essential” by their behavior, not because of a governor’s decree. I have found Pastor Paul Blair and Pastor Dan Fisher of Liberty Church in Edmond, OK to be the church all churches should strive to be. They TEACH the Bible, not just preach for a “feel good” moment. Please go to https://www.fairviewbaptistedmond.org/teachings/. I highly recommend scrolling down 3/4 of the way under the Sermons Archive and look for the video of “Bringing Back the Black Robe Regiment”. It was initially presented on February 28, 2021. It is absolutely AWESOME. Please do not doubt me on this. EVERYONE needs to watch this!


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