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The book “Push” is available in at least nine Iowa school libraries, according to research by Moms for Liberty. The book is rated a 5 for its “aberrant” content. The book discusses a heavily sexually abused teen’s life and includes explicit sexual activities such as incest and molestation, sexual nudity, excessive/frequent profanity and derogatory terms, controversial racial commentary, drug use and violence — including self-harm.

The book was discovered in the following schools:

Valley High School
Cedar Falls High School
Iowa City High
BCLUW High School
Cedar Rapids Washington

Here are some excerpts from the book (Warning, these are not appropriate for children):

“I would go with men to bars, drink, go home with them, hope I get to stay the
night- that they don’t tell me go after they come. After I do this with, oh, is it five
or fifty or a hundred guys, I start dissolve.
…But after the I don’t know how many mens I start to break into little pieces and
the men look funny, like worms is growing out of their skins, worms that turn to
little penises, till I am sick with the walking dicks of Harlem. Everywhere is a hand
rubbing, a dick going psst psst come here come here.”

“Kimberton is…is molesting with me at night.” I don’t know how to say it. I can’t
say rape. That’s not what brothers do to sisters.
…”He come over my side of the room at night and intercourse me.”

“So he on me. Then he reach over to Precious! Start wif his finger between her
legs. I say Car what you doing! He say shut your big ass up! This is good for her.
Then he git off me, take off her Pampers and try to stick his thing in Precious. You
what trip me out is it almost can go in Precious! I think she some kinda freak baby then. I say stop Carl stop! I want him on me! I never wanted him to hurt her. I didn’t want him doing anything to her. I wanted my man for myself. Sex me up, not my chile. So you cain’t blame all that shit happen to Precious on me. I love Carl, I love him. He her daddy, but he was my man!”

“A girl gave her father’s dick in her mouth know things the other girls don’t know
but it’s not what you want to know.
…Bombs with hair and titties and dresses.
…”It started when I was, oh, about four or five years old with him fondling me”
(feeling her up). “By the time I was twelve he was having intercourse with me
three or four times a week.”
…Carl, the way his knees on either side of my neck.
…My hand is going up through the smell of Mama, my hand is pushing Daddy’s
dick out my face.
“I was raped by my father. And beat.” No one is talking except me. “Mama push
my head down in her…” I can’t talk no more.”

For a full report on the book, visit this link.

On Monday, there is an Iowa House Government Oversight Committee hearing on obscene materials in Iowa school libraries. If you wish to submit a public comment, you can do so here.


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