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Neil Miller has studied hundreds, if not thousands, of vaccine studies. Miller presented at the Informed Conference 2020 held in Des Moines by Informed Choice Iowa. He spoke with The Iowa Standard about how he became involved in the movement and stressed the importance of Vitamin D.

Miller has researched vaccines for more than 30 years. When his wife was pregnant, he said he felt an obligation to do research.

“At the time we didn’t even have the internet, so I was going to medical libraries to pick up the information and gather as much as I could,” he said. “My wife and I were flabbergasted at what we had discovered and we decided that vaccines were not something that we were going to do. It wasn’t right or appropriate for our family.”

From there, things snowballed. Others asked for the information he gathered. He produced booklets, which eventually turned into books. He just finished writing his eighth book called Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies.

“In that book, I summarize 400 studies from the medical literature and I summarize those studies that are in the medical journals that show safety problems or efficacy problems associated with vaccines,” Miller said.

Now he lectures across the country about the studies he has researched. Organizations throughout America will contact his publishing company to purchase cases of his books and share them with lawmakers.

“(Legislators) basically have to be woken up to the actual science,” he said. “and that’s what I summarize is the science.”

Numerous studies, Miller said, show Vitamin D is protective against respiratory ailments. In his book, he summarizes around 15 studies that show Vitamin D will protect against influenza, pneumonia and other respiratory ailments.

“But now, in the past year, several studies have come out showing specifically that Vitamin D is also effective against COVID-19,” Miller said.

Vitamin D can protect against cases, hospitalization and death.

“Most people around the world are deficient in their Vitamin D levels,” Miller said. “You need to get up to sufficiency levels.”

Study after study has shown those who are deficient in Vitamin D suffer higher rates of cases, hospitalization and death due to COVID.

Miller also encourages the use of Vitamin D to protect against influenza.

“If you take Vitamin D and you have enough of it and live a healthy lifestyle and you go out into society during the flu season, you’re going to be exposed to whatever particular strain of influenza is circulating in any given fall season, but you’re not likely to contract influenza if you have those high Vitamin D storages and you have great immunity,” he said.

“You’ll be exposed to it, but you won’t contract the disease.”

Being exposed to the virus without contracting it can provide protective benefits as well.

“When you’re exposed to influenza naturally, you gain heteroconjugate immunity, which gives you cross-protection against future strains of influenza in future years,” Miller said. “The studies show that, instead, if you get the season influenza vaccine every year, you’re denied that cross-protection benefit so that you are more susceptible to influenza in future years.”

Several studies have shown an increased risk of being hospitalized for a pandemic strain of influenza.

“And those are the main strains that you need to be worried about,” Miller said. “The strains that not just mutate a little bit, but the strains that take a big jump. Studies show that if you get an annual seasonal vaccine, you are statistically significantly more likely to be hospitalized or die, that is to have a severe case of influenza when a pandemic strain arises.”

For the first year of being vaccinated for the flu, Miller said you might receive protection at whatever the rate is. But, if you’re vaccinated two years in a row, studies show the vaccine won’t be effective, and could actually give negative efficacy.

Author: Jacob Hall