On this International Transgender Day of Visibility, the U.S. Department of Justice recognizes the many contributions of the transgender community, and the discrimination that many transgender individuals continue to face today. All Americans, including transgender individuals, should live and work free from fear of losing a job, being denied housing or medical care, or being harassed or assaulted because of who they are.

This mission guides our work in the Civil Rights Division. The Division has a dedicated working group of attorneys and staff exploring how federal law can protect transgender individuals (as well as other members of the LGBTI community). From vigorously investigating and prosecuting federal hate crimes to enforcing federal antidiscrimination laws, we are committed to upholding the civil and constitutional rights of transgender individuals.

To our fellow citizens in the transgender community, our commitment to the nation and to you is this: we will work to enforce federal laws without fear or favor and make sure that you, like all Americans, are treated equally under the law.


Author: Press Release