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The Iowa Congressional delegation is weighing in on the partial shutdown of the federal government over disputes between Democrats and Republicans involving money to build a border wall.

“We shouldn’t have to choose between keeping the government open and protecting our national borders,” said Republican Senator Charles Grassley. “There’s no question that dangerous individuals, from drug traffickers to violent criminals, attempt to cross the border illegally every day. I support President Trump’s request for $5 billion to fund border security.”

Earlier on Friday Sen. Grassley sounded off on Twitter.

“Only way I know to stop a Schumer shutdown is (for) Schumer and Trump to be locked in a room and reach agreement on (money for) border security. Obviously must stop drug dealers, human traffickers and criminals from entering country. What’s big deal Sen. Schumer? You have voted to spend $25 billion on wall — why not $5 billion?”

Congressman Steve King (R-IA Fourth District) said on Twitter on Thursday that he’d be the last to blink in a tweet to President Trump.

“Hang in there with us on $5.7 billion for the wall funding! It’s your mandate from the American people. I will be the last to blink.”

Outgoing Congressman Rod Blum (R-IA First District) tweeted on Thursday that any continuing resolution funding must have the $5 billion in border wall funding to receive his consideration.

Congressman Dave Loebsack (D-IA Second District) called the shutdown needless.

“It is shameful that we are even in this position,” Loebsack said. “There is a noncontroversial bipartisan deal that the White House had previously agreed to and has passed the Senate and would pass the House if brought up. Republicans must put aside the gimmicks and immediately vote on the only funding bill that is guaranteed to pass. Additionally, it is irresponsible that the House has adjourned just hours before the government will shutdown without passing a funding bill.”

Congresswoman-elect Cindy Axne (D-IA Third District) called it the “Trump government shutdown.”

“It is irresponsible and dangerous that Republicans in Washington have resorted to shutting down the government and endangering our national security, instead of supporting a bipartisan funding bill. Iowans are fed up with partisan politics that are hurting our communities.

“At midnight tonight, funding for a large number of federal agencies will lapse, threatening our national security, hurting our economy and putting hardworking Iowans out of work. We need to strengthen our border security. But that requires working in a bipartisan manner to improve our betting processes, provide more agents at the border and develop innovative technology including aerial drones and electronic sensors.”

President Trump has made it clear that he will not sign any funding bill that lacks money for the border wall.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall