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Not one single Democrat voted for the Life Amendment in the Iowa House on Wednesday night. All 41 voted against it.

Last year, when the amendment went through the Iowa Senate, every Democrat voted against it.

Every. Single. One.

So, if you are keeping score at home, that’s 59 Democrats who voted unanimously in an effort to keep Iowans from having a say on the Iowa Constitution.

Keep in mind this proposed amendment will not stop one single abortion from taking place in Iowa.

Not one.

All it does is say there is no constitutional right to an abortion or taxpayer funding of abortion in Iowa.

It seems logical seeing as a find-and-replace effort on the Iowa Constitution for the word abortion comes up empty.

But of 59 Democrats in the Iowa legislature in the last two years, not one believes Iowans have the right to vote on the proposed constitutional amendment.

When it comes to the voice of Iowans or defending the practice of abortion — every Iowa Democrat sided against Iowans and stood with the practice of killing unborn babies.

Now, perhaps you are thinking “well, that’s just the Democrat Party for you.”

But is it?

Louisiana’s legislature passed a very similar constitutional amendment.

Do you know who sponsored the bill?

State Senator Katrina Jackson. A Democrat.

Governor John Bel Edwards supported the amendment. Again, a Democrat.

In fact, in 2019 when the Louisiana legislature voted, 16 Democrats in the Louisiana House voted for the amendment. Six Democrats in the Louisiana Senate voted for the amendment.

The final tally was 27 Democrat no votes and 22 Democrat yes votes. There were no GOP nos.

Yet here we are in America’s heartland. Not one single Iowa Democrat in the legislature voted to give Iowans a voice when it comes to the Iowa Constitution and abortion.

When will Democrats learn it may well be votes like this that keep them in legislative minorities?

Sure, the unanimous vote against the proposed amendment is an insult to unborn babies and the right to life, but it is also an insult to Iowans who simply want to have a say when it comes to their state constitution.

Author: Jacob Hall