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The Iowa Democratic Party sent out an email Sunday evening expressing concern with Sen. Joni Ernst’s appointment to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Ernst is filling the vacancy left by Sen. Charles Grassley’s departure from the committee.

According to the Iowa Democratic Party, there are three big concerns with Ernst’s appointment:

1. Joni Ernst recently became a senior member of the Republican Senate Caucus’ leadership team — meaning she will be a rubber stamp for whatever policies Trump and McConnell want to enact.

2. In a recent letter to her supporters, Joni Ernst took an alarming stand with Brett Kavanaugh and attacked Democrats for holding him accountable — so we know how she’ll vote on this committee.

3. She’s been a staunch defender of Iowa’s unconstitutional six-week abortion ban. Which can only mean she’ll vote for every single pro-life judicial nominee Donald Trump recommends.

Iowa Democrats have launched a “Defeat Joni Ernst Fund” preparing for the 2020 U.S. Senate campaign.

“Joni Ernst said she was going to Washington to ‘make ’em squeal,’ but the only thing she does is march in lockstep with her extreme Republican Party. That’s not the type of Senator Iowa wants,” The Iowa Democratic Party said. “After 2018, we know that Iowans are fed up with party hacks who refuse to work across the aisle. And that’s exactly what Joni Ernst is, so we know we can defeat her.”