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The Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO is calling on the state of Iowa to set OSHA standards and guidelines for workers during the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, other worker protections need to be put in place as soon as possible.

The state of Iowa needs to do the following immediately:

–        OSHA should set guidelines for worker safety and health that protects workers from contracting COVID-19.

–        Any worker who is going to work to keep our economy running who contracts COVID-19 should be entitled to Worker’s Compensation.

–        Any employer that shuts down due to a COVID-19 outbreak must continue to pay employees as well as continue their health insurance coverage.

–        Iowa should be ramping up testing for essential workers, especially in places like packinghouses and factories so that outbreaks like we have seen already don’t further spread to our communities and workplaces.

“Governor Reynolds has the ability to make these things happen, and they can be done right now through emergency rules.  If she is unable or unwilling to act, the legislature must do so. Lives are at risk. Workers are essential, but they are not expendable. If Iowa can lead the nation in producing and processing pork, there is no reason we can’t lead the nation in worker safety.”


Author: Press Release